IGN: Batman's Ready to Take Back Arkham City

Batman and Gotham City share a special connection. On the rooftops, it's as if the Dark Knight is connected to the soul of the city. He knows every alleyway, every criminal safe haven, every trouble spot. Trapped in Arkham Asylum last game, Batman was disconnected from the city that speaks to him. In Arkham City, Batman is in his element. This isn't Batman trapped in an asylum; this is a city full of criminals trapped with Batman.

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GSpartan7772728d ago

I am really excited for this game. Arkham Asylum was such a silent hit for me that I could not believe the game turned out to be that amazing. Although they still haven't showed much, I still think that everything they showed us so far has been amazing and has done a good job building up hype.

Forbidden_Darkness2728d ago

The same can be said for me, I bought the GOTY edition on Amazon for 20 bucks and after playing it, I wish I had spent the full 60 dollars. I'm definitely picking up this one day one :)

As for them not having shown much, that's because there's still a long time before its release and i'm sure they want to keep the story under wraps...