The Gunstringer preview: Kinect goes 'hardcore'

I just played the first "hardcore" Kinect game. Sitting down, even.

Even in its incomplete state, Twisted Pixel's The Gunstringer is the best evidence that Microsoft's motion sensing tech can make possible a (so far) really fun game that already plays great and responds to subtle, natural movements with high precision. It's a game where you control a marionette with one hand and shoot with the other, and I can't imagine the experience feeling more authentic.

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TOO PAWNED2769d ago

Joystiq is trying too hard. "Hardcore" ? Come on now.

blumatt2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

This isn't hardcore. It looks more like a XBL arcade title than a full-fledged game. I just can't honestly see myself putting my hands up as guns and pointing at the screen like a gun. It just looks ridiculous. haha I wouldn't even want to do that if this game were on the PS Eye (PS3). I think MS is going to come out with some sort of motion controller to go hand in hand with the Kinect. Maybe not, but it makes sense.

I mean the PS EyeToy started out as JUST motion gaming on the PS2 and then on PS3 the new Eye came out with a motion controller to augment the experience. (Move controller) So, the Kinect could come out with a controller specifically for it too. It's possible. It would GREATLY increase the device's potential for more true hardcore games. Of course, it would need to be cheap since the Kinect is already $150 just for the camera (too much if you ask me).

Yeah, I saw that comment you made the other day. If MS really decides to give up on hardcore games in lieu of Kinect games, it will lose a fair share of its audience.

kancerkid2769d ago

Why is this game not hardcore? Because of the aesthetic?

Because that is not a good reason.

Dark3602769d ago

Agree with you...Trolls invasion in

callahan092769d ago

Dammit, I read that entire previewing thinking "Wow, this is really well-written and informative for an IGN article." Then at the end I noticed I'd been reading a Joystiq article all this time! That explains it!

Anyway the game is sounding really fun. I like Twisted Pixel games a whole lot (though I do wish Comic Jumper was more of a melee action game than a shooter action game... the shooting never felt solid in that game to me, but the melee segments were amazing and the game overall was still quite awesome).

This is my second most wanted Kinect game behind Child of Eden.

Christopher2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I believe my definition of hardcore differs greatly from that of Joystiq.

Not to say the game can't or won't be fun, but it's far from hardcore.

Christopher2768d ago

To give an example, to me this is like calling the Time Crisis games hardcore. They're not, they're very casual shooter games that are overly repetitive and have no replay value whatsoever.

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SMOK3xFFx2769d ago

A shooter on Kinect lowers my expectations, but a shooter on Kinect developed by Twisted Pixel raises them again.

flyingmunky2769d ago

Maybe the author is just excited for games in general but it seems like Kinect titles get hyped way more than they should. I honestly can't tell if this guy is making a molehill into a mountain or if this game is legitimately good.

I guess I'm just over analyzing it, it is only a live title after all.

B1663r2769d ago

How about unique? Oh now something new, IT MUST BE BAD!!!, and you wonder why COD and Madden have stagnated....

Bathyj2769d ago

C'mon, who'se gonna say it?

macky3012769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )



If this is hardcore or even core,.. I really don't want to know what casual means on kinect,..

macky3012769d ago

OK I got IT,.. damn I am slow at 3:50vAM

PEW, PEW,,. PEW,...

Bathyj2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Bubble for the smart kid.

Thats alright, it looks like a slow room. ;)

DXM12769d ago

i think the author's and my definition of hardcore differ... A lot.

ps3destroyer2769d ago

Well your definition of hardcore is for sure something among the lines of a ps3 only game huh?

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