Designer David Braben: Releasing PS3 Hacks Citing 1st Amendment is "Rubbish"

Multiplatform game designer David Braben takes hackers to task for their "abuse" of the PS3, and by extension, game developers.

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Yi-Long2732d ago

Hacked console means more console sales.

I can understand developers bitching and moaning about piracy a bit (although not always justified), but when the PS3 is hacked, the hardware will see an increase in sales.

That's always been the case with hacked consoles/handhelds (and hacked DVD/BR players as well btw), and it always will be.

BakedGoods2732d ago

Well, this isn't like MS banking on banning consoles and RROD's for more system sales.

If online becomes full of hackers and trophy leader boards are a farce people will be discouraged to game on the PS3.

Dart892732d ago

Zing u nailed it bub+.

Yi-Long2732d ago

... you need to realise that we're also talking about a complete demographic who are buying a modded console to keep their children entertained.

Like parents picking up their kids a DS with R4 card, or a modded Wii. Many of these people don't give a shit about going online. They just want to play games, and not spend too much money on it.

How many people do you know that only bought a DS or PSP because it could play illegally downloaded games? How many people do you know who now have their Wii modded!?

For game-developers, sure, it kinda means people are playing their games and aren't paying for it, although many in that group wouldn't have bought game (or even the console) in the first place, if downloading it illegally wasn't an option.

For companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, it just means they sell a shitload more consoles. That's not an opinion, that's a FACT, regardless of you ignorant fanboys liking that fact or not.

They don't just sell more consoles, but they also sell a whole lot more controllers chargers and whatever else they can make a huge profit on.

So once again, and you can disagree with the facts all you want, but it's not going to change the truth: hacked console/handheld automatically means more hardware sales.

Which brings us to the next point: just because someone has a modded machine, doesn't mean he won't spend ANTY money on games for it.

We all have PC's. Do we all download all our movies and music illegally? Do we all download all our PC games illegally?

No, we don't. We look at what we think is worth our money, and we make choices about what to get. And even if we download an anime or a movie, when we really like it, there are many of us who then go out and buy the actual product. Again, not opinion, but facts!

So even when the option is there to illegally download everything, we are still inclined to pick up good deals or stuff that we seem worth the money.

You guys need to grow the fuck up and stop looking at piracy and hacking as a black/white thing. It isn't.

Many of the paying gamers of today fell in love with this hobby when they were kids through copied disks for their C64 or Amiga.

DigitalAnalog2732d ago

Remember the time when PS3 had to be sold at a loss? How do you think they were able to recuperate? That's right, it' s the SOFTWARE sales. In other words, the PS3 would've been doomed from the start had it been hacked the first day.

-End of Line

Cha0tik2732d ago

doesn't matter how many points you make... the N4G community is so against hacking the PS3. Been there done that

xTruthx2732d ago

^^^^^ Good example of not knowing anything

rockleex2732d ago

You're right, it doesn't matter how many points you make if those points are irrelevant or utterly idiotic and not based on reality where there are consequences for breaking the law.

zag2732d ago

Who says it increases hardware sales?

That's like saying an illegally modded car which can't be rego'd on the road will suddenly sell way more.

The hurt comes from an investor deciding if it's worth while to invest in a PS3 game or not.

Will it sell?
Will it recover the production costs?
Will it make a profit?

If 1 of the above doesn't work out money wise on paper then that project gets shelved.

Look at Guitar hero do you think it got shelved because it was boring or was it really due to production costs plus music licensing that got that project killed off.

People don't spend money to make nothing or next to fuck all.

If your working and the company your at isn't making enough cash to keep you they will let you go because it is better than wasting the cash on keeping you around.

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SilverSlug2732d ago

I don't give a shit about hacking PS3s, but this guys are just out to ruin legit gamers.

Basically... where is the OtherOS? They have time to make pirating tools and cheat in online games and ruin people's days that actually bought the software..

What do they say when Sony gets them? "We did it for OtherOS" ...

Where is it? Working on it? Wow. Shocking how they got other shit to run right away, but not that.

Silly gameAr2732d ago

Guy seems to get it. That's that common sense that some people seem to be lacking now in days.

GoldPS32732d ago

Yes it's rubbish. Some people may say hackers not hurting gaming but they are. It affects the real gamers that buy their games.

jrbeerman112732d ago

As far as gaming in general is concerned, we will get back what we put into it.

You can try and justify saying that you would never have bough the game in first place.... but if your not buying any games due to hacks obviously you would have bought something.

you can also try and blame developers (definitely a reach) but this is just forced justification that has no base or makes any sense. some kids i swear think that the developers raped and pillaged their villages women or something.

these people are doing their jobs, and if you complain that the sequels of games appeal to more of the masses, its the people who pay them that get what they want.

This looks to be the finest year in gaming ever, and a good portion is thanks to PS3 and its amazing exclusives lineup. if ps3 is hacked more than wii and xbox (i know they are hacked but not soft modded and easy as ps3) you wont be seeing the same next year.

rant over

Titanz2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Are you kidding me?!

The Wii's been hacked "early in it's launch", and it still managed to out-sell both the 360 and PS3.

If anything, the Wii needs more attention on the piracy subject.

jrbeerman112732d ago

Your kind of making my point somewhat. The wii is only making games for the casual crowds and younger crowds that dont make hardly a percentage of pirates.

Xbox was hacked earlier as well, and look at their focus... the same as the wii now. The xbox also is harder for hackers to go online because of banning and its also riskier since u need to pay with credit card online to get it.

Xbox can perm ban online while ps3 can try but hackers have an answer for that because they can write ps3 code.