Top Ten Open World Games This Generation

Grand Theft Auto III ushered in a new brand of game design on consoles, the open-world game, largely thanks to its runaway success when it was released in 2003. Since then, the genre has expanded considerably to encompass everything from destructible playgrounds to realistic historical periods and pieces.

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mephman2643d ago

Some really great games this generation, it's a shame Microsoft couldn't push on with the Crackdown franchise though.

Hardedge2643d ago

I've watched my bud play it, it seemed like a lot of chaotic fun.

JDouglasGU2643d ago

yeah, they really dropped the ball on that one. pretty much a disastrous situation for everyone involved.

ShawnCollier2643d ago

Didn't the sequel really underperform expectations?

Sanrin2643d ago

I really loved the first game, but the second really just didn't deliver enough new content to really justify a full playthrough.

mephman2643d ago

Well, the sequel was just the "perfect" sequel. It just did nothing new or original.

Hardedge2643d ago

Burnout Paradise seemed so long ago, still one of my favourite games this generation though.

JDouglasGU2643d ago

definitely the definitive burnout game, which explains why there hasn't been another one.

kancerkid2643d ago

After buying the first 4 the day of release and playing them to death, I still don't know why I don't have Paradise.

StarCSR2639d ago

For me Burnout ended with Burnout : Revenge.... Burnout shouldn't be about an open world. It should be like NFS: Hot Pursuit is now. THAT is Burnout for me.

NickD352643d ago

For me Fallout 3 is the best game released this gen. I got lost in that game and all the DLC for a very long time.

HobbsCanuck2643d ago

Same here. Every once and a while I'll go back and buy one of the DLC's and start playing Fallout 3 :P

Mike10942643d ago

A good list, but not even an honorable mention for Mafia 2? Sure, the game as a whole was not exactly top-notch (Even though I loved it!), but the New York/Chicago inspired open city was downright beautiful!

JDouglasGU2643d ago

well it's hard to even classify mafia 2 was an open world game, because the narrative was completely linear.

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