Sniper Ghost Warrior PS3 Screens and Trailer

Developer and publisher City Interactive has released the official trailer for their anticipated stealth based first person shooter, Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

Travel to Isla Trueno to overthrow a hostile military command in Sniper: Ghost Warrior for Playstation 3.

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lostinplace2765d ago

This looks much better than the 360 version.

zootang2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Was it any good? I know it got a 2/10 but you can't trust reviews these days.

dirthurts2765d ago

I liked it. Especially after the first patch.

fredfenster2765d ago

It sucked pretty bad. AI was dreadful imo. Also the run-n-gun parts were just lame.


It was messed up. You would basically trigger AI reactions that made no sense all the time just depending on what path do you follow, it was easy to skip or get stucked with bad AI reactions too. To be more clear, the AI doesn't look to a region waiting for you or minding their own business or protecting an area looking for any strange movements, you could literally run and jump around if you don't trigger the AI reaction without being shoot, but if the reaction is triggered the AI snipers will simply lock on on you, don't really matter what you do to waste them, they spot you in a point and you can literally walk miles and wait for hours later to try to take a shot but it's still locking on you.

The physics which should be great for this kind of game were messed up. You would take and make impossible headshots all the time. Also the wind and other physics implements seen to not affect AI shots at all and, some times, neither ikt affect yours too.

The dialogues was beyond poor, it was bad writen crap filled with bad spelling and cheesy one liners.

Many of the maps layout wouldn't estimulate sniping at all if you had a secondary option. In fact many are the situations you are better to your pistol and granades than trying to get cool sniper shots.

The only thing good about it is graphics but even that isn't that good.

sak5002765d ago


100% agreed. I played and finished before the damn patch on 360. It was fkn frustrating when you're half a mile away in the dense vegetation and moving slowly and suddenly you're pumped with bullets cuz the enemy detected you with his naked eyes.

I'm talking about hardest difficulty, 80~90% of the time they could you pick you out like a elephant in your bedroom from as long as a mile away even when you're crawling an inch an hour.

I went back to finish some chevos on some levels so used the easy mode and you can sing and dance infront of AI and they wont bother.

This game was POS and still might be.

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FlameBaitGod2765d ago

Good to know the 360 had the beta testing b4 it went to PS3

SpitFireAce852765d ago

Glad to see there is love for the PS3...

awiseman2765d ago

yes but they cant develope stuff on pc, I really cant see them doing any better on the ps3 which is harder to work with.

blakstarz2765d ago

Never really heard of it, read some reviews and definitely not a good look, I sure hope they fixed whatever the reviews complained about before bringing it over to the PS3 or they will find themselves very disappointed with sales.

MiltonZep2765d ago

Game was poop when I played it last year , and unless it gets fixed , will remain poop.

sak5002765d ago

Yes i agree. Who the hell is disagreeing with all the negative comments about this game? Maybe someone from city interactive checking around on n4g for the reaction of gamers.

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