Interview with Obsidian Head Feargus Urquhart

What makes Dungeon Siege III special in Obsidian's hands and why doesn't an isometric camera work in games anymore?

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Sev2552d ago

Does he go by 'fear' for short? That would be badass.

stormeagle62552d ago

Awesome interview and an even awesomer name!

mobijoker2552d ago

That man is a genius and good talker.

Stealth20k2552d ago

square would never give an actual important franchise to screwups like obsidian

dbjj120882552d ago

Obsidian has hits and misses, but so do all developers. If they continue to play on their strengths (like storytelling, writing) while working on the gameplay, they'll continue to do great things.

samurailincoln2552d ago

That was a great interview.