More Rift Servers Being Added Soon

Rift’s servers are packed, filled to the gill with players on both hemisphere’s – despite the fact the game will be released on March 1 in North America, and only pre-orders are allowed to engage in the Headstart pre-release. Some servers have two hour wait times. Keep in mind there are 26 North American servers and 20 European servers.

Gamasutra is reporting that there are already over one million registered Rift accounts.

According to Trion public relations rep Chris Schmidt in a brief phone interview, he commented, “Even though the servers are full … we are blown away by the number of people who are playing.”

He added that Trion would be adding some servers in the next few hours, and would try to be ready for launch.

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bwazy2765d ago

Ill wait till Guildwars 2 or SWTOR thanks. I've had it up to here with anything wow like.

That and I don't have 50 dollars lol.... Fuck I hate being a broke university student.

JonahFalcon2765d ago

Guild Wars 2 will be free-to-play at least.

Xfanboy2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

wow I have to say it's good for pc gaming seeing Rift already hit 1 million account for a $50 pre launch game!!

ATiElite2764d ago

I totally agree! All that PC Gaming is dead crap is stupid, Gamers were just waiting for NON Console ports or games that utilize the PC properly.

Rift is coming along super nice. They need to get more servers up FAST as they are gonna pull a lot of WOW players in. The game from all indications is great but WOW is so dam popular because Blizzard has AWESOME SERVERS!!

Come on Trion Worlds get the servers up and don't mess this up.

bwazy2764d ago

Thats what happened with Aion.... And we all know how that turned out.

ATiElite2764d ago

I'm not yet sold on SWTOR, I just got a bad feeling about it, hopefully I'm wrong. i'm looking to give TERA a shot but I don't even have time to plat EVE Online but then again the learning curve in Eve is super high.