Microsoft: 'This is Just the Beginning'

Microsoft held a preview event for members of the press today to showcase several key titles slated for release in 2011. The company showed off many first-party titles, including Gears of War 3 and The Gunstringer for Kinect, as well as other third-party games, such as Batman: Arkham City.

Fans, however, may have been disappointed by the showing, since other major titles, including the heavily rumored Halo: Combat Evolved remake, were not on display. Kevin Unangst, Senior Global Director at Microsoft, told IGN there are more announcements planned for this year.

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captain-obvious2731d ago

the hell is MS bragging about ??

BakedGoods2731d ago

'...of the end.'

Unless you got some crazy tricks up your sleeve MS, GG 2011.

Joule2731d ago

They're right, its the beginning of a wave of Xbox 360 exclusives.....Kinect exclusives that is.


Lekumkee2731d ago

IGN Mister-WarioIf - If Gunstringer is considered a core game, I'd hate to see a casual title.


captain-obvious2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Waaaaaaaaaaait a minute
so you guys want to say
that to day is that MS XBOX even they were talking about
i swear to god i didn't know
and i actually though that in this day N4G would be full about news of new xbox 360 only titles and a lot of web pages full of fanboy tears

but no it looks like the only treas we are going to see are MS fanboys tears lol

BOOOOOOOY MS really showed Sony today huh
oh wait
no they didn't

OneSneakyMofo2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Normally I would put a comment about the 360's line up in here, but captain-obvious, BakedGoods, and El Jugador summed up what I was going to say.

Only one real title - Gears of War 3. I've also noticed a lot of my pro-360 friends jumping ship to the PS3 side. This is the best year to do so imo especially with the price drop around the corner.

badz1492731d ago

these events are for the fans, right? usually, casual gamers don't even aware or watch gaming events at all. majority of people watching are gamers and many of them are core gamers who want core games! so, what's the point of showing up in these event but in the end disappoint? I doubt M$ really thought that their core fans will be satisfied with this! I hope they know beforehand that this is going to suck but if not and they they really thought that THIS is really what their core gamers want, I really pity them! I feel sorry for 360 only core gamers, M$ has went the other way!

YodaCracker2731d ago


The beginning of the end when the 360 is seeing its highest sales ever? The beginning of the end when the 360 is the ONLY console seeing higher sales than this time last year, while all the other consoles are down YOY? the beginning of the end when Kinect becomes the fastest selling consumer electronics device of all-time?

The Xbox 360 easily has more momentum going into 2011 than any other console. These are simply facts and cannot be denied.

nickjkl2730d ago

hey that actually fits the situation

this is just the begging

its like we havent seen nothing yet

just watch

NiKK_4192730d ago

i kno, i thought i would get on here and see some new games or something because i thought it was yesterday or today, but nope, nothing. so i thought, hmm, maybe the events later today, but nope it already happened and as i thought, nothing.

idk how 360 gamers could put up with this, they take your money every chance they can get, but have nothing to show for it. how could you support a company that does that to you? no, 360 gamers just blindly follow when all they get is multiplats or bs games that you can get on pc anyway.

ravinash2730d ago

@ YodaCracker
But once you have got your xbox, want do all these sales have to do with you?
People like something new to play every now and then.

TheLastGuardian2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Sony the best to ever do it bitch. Microsoft the best at never doing shit.

LittleBigPlanet 2 and Killzone 3 are the two biggest games of this year so far. I got the collectors edition of LBP2 and got the platinum a week ago. All I want to do right now is play Killzone 3. Now I have 55% of the KZ3 trophies and I will have that platinum pretty soon. Where are M$' triple A exclusives this year? Are they even trying to compete anymore with PS3's astounding line up of exclusives?

chainer30002730d ago

Yay! Looking forward to kinnect shovel wear

JD_Shadow2730d ago

Yeah. And if it's anything Kinect (people are sheep) or the latest PS3 third party exclusive they stole (would be proof they can't come up with any original ideas), then it would be a damn bust.

I don't care for Kinect, and them returning to the "look what game we'll now have, too" mentality would just sicken me.

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callahan092731d ago

So no new announcements today, then. That's a shame... I kind of expected some (at least one?) announcements. But oh well.

-Alpha2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

It's over?

It's becoming a joke that they keep stringing us. I've heard so much PR talk about their lineup yet absolutely nothing has come of it, and I've been waiting since last year's E3.

"So, any new hardcore titles?"
"Yes, we have a lot in store this year!"
"For the hardcore?"
"We have lots of hardcore games"
"Where are the hardcore titles?"
"Absolutely, positively, a great year for our core audience!"
"So any new games for your press event?"
"Gears of War information blowout!"
"No, I said new games!"
"Have you tried out this Kinect game?"

Their PR keeps hyping, but what even happened to the Crytek game? Their lineup/gameplan seems blatantly obvious but I keep waiting for the next event for something bigger.

At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they, in typical fashion, keep most their games secret, but I find MS has their focus on Kinect and will continue relying on their older IPs. They don't really care, and I wonder if it's because their core audience doesn't either. Most 360 gamers are satisfied with the exclusives and buy the multiplats on the 360 so they don't necessarily seem to be asking/wanting anything else.

Lekumkee2731d ago

What's even funnier is Microsoft has no one to blame but themselves for what happened today. It could've been a normal day, had Microsoft released these news normally it would've been a good day for them. But instead they hyped today like crazy with tweets claiming today "all Xbox 360 fan will be happy" and instead they announced:

Halo:reach map pack - 3 maps for $10 -- lulz!!
Some lame Halo stat tracking app for your phone -- :rolleyes:
Fable 3 DLC -- probably a half ass attempt DLC like the first one
Crisys 3D - multiplat
GunStringer -- an on rails shooter... lulz!!
And a bunch of other stuff not worth even remembering.

lulz Microsoft fell flat on there face today. The fact that had to do some damage control today proves it.

"Major Nelson -- Hey all, I'll share this feedback. Many of you may have been expecting a few of these news items, but this was our moment to confirm and or provide details around them.

We'll have more news later this year at E3 and beyond."

EVILDEAD3602731d ago

Why on earth would Micrsoft annouce anything major at an event that's simply a footnote on a few gaming sites.

Let the usual haters whine day in and day they have since last means nothing outside of the net.

The Superbowl of Video Game promotion comes in June.

Until then Micrsoft is smart to keep getting the word (read: promote) whats coming in the near future and re-iterate to it's fanbase whats been announced.

What has Micrsoft got to gain by announcing or releasing some suprise exclusive in the first half? Alan Wake taught Micrsoft everything it needs to know about when to release exclusives against high profile Multi-plats.

The strategy is perfect..January sales showed Micrsoft has nothing to prove in the first quarter..

The hardcore 360 base is still playing Black Ops and Halo Reach daily by the millions..DLC announcements to continue their reign are obviously releavant

The hardcore got Dead Space 2..the hardcore got Marvel vs. Capcom and only two days ago the hardcore got Bulletstorm (which gave fans access to the Gears beta)

Gears is as 'hardcore' as it gets on the 360 and fans get to play the beta in April.

Let's keep it real...E3 is in June..but from now until is utterly ridiculous for gamers..

March alone you got Dragon Age 2, Homefront, and Crysis 2

April is Portal 2 and May is LA. Noire..E3 June..

Again why should Microsoft care about releasing exlusives in the first half again? Again Alan Wake vs. Red Dead Redemption proved they shouldn't.


callahan092731d ago

I don't necessarily disagree with you on how Microsoft doesn't need to announce new hardcore exclusives right now in order to continue selling very well. But I don't give a crap if they sell well. I just want more awesome games to play, so as a gamer I don't see how you aren't a little disappointed that their self-proclaimed awesome hardcore 360 gamer-happy day had no new game announcements.

kopicha2731d ago


your assumption is retarded imo. all you are talking about is multiplatform games. look announcing something now does not mean that it should be release in the next few months. in the usual practice of microsoft. they will usually release something aproximately 1 year after the initial annoucement. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with making some hard hitting titles during the first quater. and add in a few more during E3. so you arguement is flawed.

i know during the first half there are quite a bit of awesome games out there coming up but still they are MULTIPAT. Well all in all it doesnt affect me. I have both PS3 and 360 so pretty much i got myself covered in both area on what they may have. But still if you are not but I can tell you I am quite disappointed with Microsoft's announcement giving the way they try to hype it. Its a disappointment. But when it comes to someone new who wish to choose a new purchase. It gives no reason to buy a 360 over a PS3 since it clearly shows they have MORE games now.

Iast but not least, I know you argued the fact about sales numbers. but look... those numbers dont exactly prove anything imho. no one care about kinect sales. At least i dont, not at least until it can be proven as a viable option in core games. the number of 360 sold? well... every 360 made has the probability of RROD. You wont know how many of those sales are new and how many are just someone who already own one and just getting a replacement. In fact I have always have doubts in the sales number for 360 even up till today. They may have claim to sell that much. But lets be honest. Almost all my friends who own a 360 are already on their 2nd or even up to 5th system since they day they own one. But ps3 owners are still with their first. only about 10% of those ps3 owners I know may be on their 2nd. This already can affect the sales number. In short... total sales does not equal to that much owners in the entire world. wake up dude.

zootang2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

@Evil Dead

Go look at Major Nelsons website. People are not happy. You are though, so MS are happy to cater to you. I'm guessing because you have such low standards. Didn't exclusives make the 360 console and now you are saying they are not important? That's one to remember.

Denethor_II2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )


I can see you point, and you have a valid argument. Yes 360 gamers are still playing BOpps and yes they can play DSp2, MvsC and LA Noire. But the argument that a lot of people here have is that you can have the same core experience on the PS3, but what separates them are the exclusive titles, and the PS3 not only beats the 360 in this area, but blows it out of the water.

EVILDEAD3602730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Go look at Major Nelsons website. People are not happy. You are though, so MS are happy to cater to you. I'm guessing because you have such low standards. Didn't exclusives make the 360 console and now you are saying they are not important? That's one to remember.

@ Zootang..

Ok..let's clue you in on something. Random angry fan kids on Major Nelson websites are the same random fan kids on any site.

Who said exclusives don't mean anything? Take off the goggles and read again..

Again.Microsoft has zero reason this year to care about releasing exclusives in the first half, because the third party multi-plats are so good this year that it wouldn't have mattered.

Micrsoft used this conference to promote the beta of it's biggest exclusive of the year. They made announcements of what's relevant right now and hinted to the future.

Again, E3 is ALL that matters. Any announcements prior will bite them in the @ss later when everyone whines that E3 had no suprises.

Bottomline, is the 360 is coming off it's best year ever. All the games that were pushed back to escape the wrath of Black Ops are dropping at the same time.

Micrsoft wisely pushed Gears back from April into the coveted Halo slot. In the meantime, Halo Reach and Black Ops dominate Live with millios playing everyday.

Bulletstorm dropped with the Gears beta for April..but what follows is a whose who for shooters

Homefront, Crysis 2, Duke Nukem, Rage, Ghost Recon etc...Again Micrsoft wisely uses the press events to show how it's core base will be playing these over Live.

While the other side spends their entire life time online downplaying Multi-plats and pretending that the only relavant games are exclusives on their system of choice.

The reality is I can't even finish my backlog from last year, let alone find quality time with the new games I buy for all my systems.

The internet will talk but when they log off the fans will choose with their wallets..



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masterofpwnage2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Dang that sucks.
Let's hope for e3 yeah.
But honestly how can they even make it up.
Even if they announce ffv13 for the 360, it still wouldn't matter.
Also if they announce more games. Sony can easily counter with there own secret game.
They still didn't show agent and that game the devs of warhawk is working on.

Ms need to pull a miracle and not some another ps3 exclusive going to the 360.

Both my console died. I was going to buy both soon, but ms might loose one of there customers soon I they don't announce anything

Yeah I know right. If they announce anything at e3 then it might be what 1 or 2 games.

Or maybe the most dreadful thing a ps3 exclusive going multi. Honestly who gives a shiit.
Let's hope ms has like 2 press conference or something

-Alpha2731d ago

I keep hoping, but there is no reason I can think of for bottling up so many games. Maybe, just maybe, they are reserving all their games for a blowout, but I have no reason to believe that, so I'll just continue not caring until something happens.

Jaces2731d ago

Timed exclusives, multiplats, and kinect.

That's what they're bragging about and it's really sad.

Etseix2731d ago

After the "announcement" of all the great games and people getting made over it he stated this:
---Quoting right from the article's comments:

Hey all, I'll share this feedback. Many of you may have been expecting a few of these news items, but this was our moment to confirm and or provide details around them.

We'll have more news later this year at E3 and beyond. -Major


Now calm down guys, he will have some great news again/s

captain-obvious2731d ago

one thing to add
i just remmebered this and i cant edit my post now
but anyway
i called it first

there is 11 guy on this site owe me an apology

2731d ago
Prototype2730d ago

Lets rewind back to 2007 when this site was full of pro 360 fanboys going on about how the PS3 had no exclusives, and it was gonna die, and how they had to sell an unrealistic number just to keep up; now its 2011 and those same fanboys are either quiet, moved to the PS3, or still argue "Sales" and Halo/Gears/Forza.

Announce something worth mentioning to get people to have confidence in your decisions and system - timed multiplats, DLC, and remakes aren't enough.

damnyouretall2730d ago

they are panicing and tryin to get their shit together for this year. i dont know what the hell went wrong with their exclusives. fkn bring back peter moore, he atleast played hardball with sony. i love my ps3 and all but im a ms loyal at heart.

kasser2730d ago

As usual, they are going to make exclusive deals with a multi-platform game and secure some DLCs to spoil the joy for the rest of the fans who aren't getting their version.

I think they are already trying to secure deals with BioWare (Mass Effect 3) or Bethesda (Skyrim).

They have been doing this for each E3 and I would be really surprised if they actually financed and developed a new exclusive that can stand with Halo/Gears.

frostypants2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

So they're bragging about Gears 3, which we already knew about, plus an unremarkable-looking on-rails Kinect game, and a bunch of multi-platform stuff?

Do they just not get it? Where are the system sellers beyond Gears 3?

They keep dropping hints of having stuff up their shirt sleeves, but all they keep pulling out are lint and spent dryer sheets.


My 360 has become nothing more than a CoD-playing unit.

@kasser: It's WAAAY too late in the development cycles of ME3 and Skyrim for Microsoft to secure exclusivity rights.

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a_bro2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

yes, because star wars on rails is going to be awesome, sarcasm intended.

changing the conversation, i wouldnt be surprised if microsoft threw the money bags at 3rd party companies such as square enix, to turn PS3 only games, to multiplat titles, yes, im looking at FF Versus XIII.

And Just like previous E3s, they're going to be mostly showing multiplat titles and pretend they're 360 exclusives. This time though, their focus is on kinect, so we will see a majority of those titles shown.

This is not showing my hatred on the 360 or Micorsoft as an entity, its just that they had dissapointed for a while already.

Lekumkee2731d ago

IGN - I asked Unangst to name one Xbox 360 exclusive title that people can excited for this year besides Forza 4 and Gears of War 3. Unangst said Kinect: Star Wars, which he says is "a safe assumption" that the game will be on display at E3.

Lulz!!! Time to flee the sinking ship.

frostypants2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

You should have responded "I said a game to get EXCITED about!", or just inserted "no Kinect games" into your request.

flyingmunky2731d ago

I guess this is what happens when you have a console with so few first party studios. Its really MS's own fault for buying advertising and dlc instead of founding new developers. Their money is being spent in all the wrong places.

frostypants2730d ago

It was a smart strategy at first. But what they're slowly realizing (at least I hope they realize it), is that that they traded in a coherent long term road-map for success in exchange for a short term pop.

Now they are left with no pipeline. As a gamer with both consoles it's upsetting.

ugo2731d ago

Always the same story................ heard the event was a flop pple expected to see new hardcore ip ,but yet again ms failed their fans

ZombieAssassin2731d ago

I hate when all these companies say they have huge announcements then when the time comes they are lackluster so they start it all over again. I'm guessing they are saving Halo for GDC or E3 though, still would have liked some Perfect Dark 2 or any new IP for the hardcore...come on MS I'm looking for a reason to buy another xbox please give me one.

SixZeroFour2731d ago

"come on MS I'm looking for a reason to buy another xbox please give me one."

wait, WHAT?! a reason to buy ANOTHER xbox? for what?

ZombieAssassin2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

I got rid mine in back in December because I was having disc read errors when i'd play games that weren't installed on my hard-drive after about an hour of playing. I guess I should have been more clear, I want to buy another one but I want more of a reason than 1 exclusive although Gears has been one of my favorite new IP's I just need something else to push me to pick one up. Some Kingdom gameplay might help along with a new PD.

Belasco2731d ago

My patience is wearing thin MS, announce something worthwhile or announce nothing at all.

2731d ago