Gamekult review: Yakuza Black Panther a.k.a. Kurohyô Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshô (PSP)

( - formerly - is CBS Interactive's French affiliate.)
Excerpt translated from French: "Transposing an ambitious adventure and fighting game onto a portable system is now possible, and Sega proves it here with this highly successful release. The possibility to level up your character and to learn numerous, elaborate fighting styles that evolve with each combat session is a real treat. Nevertheless, some may regret being funneled through a story content with taking them from one revelation to the next overdone plot twist..."

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RedPawn2770d ago

Please bring this to EU & NA!

Cloudberry2770d ago

Surprised Gamekult give it a good 8 / 10.

I concur though.

I have the game (Japanese version), and it's a great Yakuza Portable game.