TheParanoidGamer: Dragon Age 2 Impressions

The original Dragon Age was a mixed bag, featuring repetitive combat and a conversation system that feels more dated than Betty White. As good as Bioware is at developing games they also have a tendency to strip most of the RPG elements out of their sequels. So when Bioware came out and said they wanted to make the sequel to Dragon Age more accessible and stripped down I was a bit disappointed to say the least.

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gorebago2730d ago

i had to stop playing the demo because it had me from the get go. i didn't want to be disappointed when it was over so i'm going to wait until day one.

Tex1172730d ago

It retains more "RPG"-ness than Mass Effect 2 did. I've played the demo a couple of times now and I just don't see why there is some hate for it. It feels exactly like the first one and insteads of the auto-attack in which you kept massing X anyway, now you actually do something. The PC Gamers have been vocal, and they are the ones who got shafted, but for console, this is better mechancially at least. Gamers always have very revisionist history.

Its going to be a fun campy RPG romp.

With games like Skyrim (as we saw today..dear gawd looks epic), Dark Souls (dear gawd, my front runner game of the year), and a host of other great games to come out...and a few sleepers, this game may get over.whelmed by the competition. But for right now, this will be the RPG of March

xyxzor2730d ago

That's true it does retain more RPG elements than Mass Effect 2 did.