ATARI Leaks the New Ghostbusters from Sanctum of Slime Concept Art

For those unfamiliar with the game, Sanctum of Slime pits a group of rookie Ghostbusters against a bevy of spooky enemies in New York City. We are extremely happy to have been given these exclusive images, as we enjoyed the first GB release. This is the next-generation of Ghostbuster characters in the franchise. Will this be what's in store for the Ghostbusters 3 movie script? Only time will tell...

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gameguidedog2769d ago

The images remind me of the old Ghostbusters Cartoon actually.

gameguidedog2769d ago

Common guys, this is "GHOSTBUSTERS" we are talking about... what are you all too young to have heard of it?

CrzyFooL2769d ago

lol these weren't leaked, they came in a press release :-p

BlackTar1872769d ago

I can't wait for this game. loved the last Gbusters game and cant wait for this.

Love me some Gbusters.

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