IGN: SOCOM 4 Co-Op Video Preview

IGN has played SOCOM 4's five-man co-op mode, and they're ready to tell you all about it -- and how much some of them suck at it.

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blusoops2459d ago

This sounds like a blast! Can't wait to try it out...i def enjoy co-op missions like the ones found in Uncharted 2. I know this will be different, but it sounds like it could be even more complicated....

Looks good too

lil Titan2459d ago

is it just me or did anyone else hear angels singing when they read the title?

Domer252459d ago

I'm watching you socom. Will you deliver this time? Will you regain you're PS2 glory? we will see in april.

otherZinc2459d ago


This looks terrible & very stiff.

They should push this back.

dragonyght2459d ago

the KING is back!!!!!!!!!!!!bout time hooya

SwampCroc2459d ago

annouce the Beta already... I'm trying to use my code

morganfell2459d ago

They will announce the beta details and date on Feb 28th. This is posted in the FAQ over at

DiLeCtioN2459d ago

Looks good but I wanted to see actual Gameplay with the HUD on

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The story is too old to be commented.