HP Touchpad Saves Dr. Dre In "I Need a Doctor" Video

In the latest Dr Dre music video for “I Need A Doctor”, the doctors use the HP TouchPad to save his life. Check out the new video at the home of where hip hop and video games meet

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shadowknight2032766d ago

This music video blew me away, so much emotion was portrayed and really captured the ultimate theme for the song.

DelbertGrady2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Sounds more like an Eminem song than Dr.Dre. Overproduced, messy, and more pop than hiphop.

Btw, how is this gaming related??

Spitfire_Riggz2765d ago

Your right about it sounding more Eminem but i love it

ChickeyCantor2765d ago

I love how the comments above me completely contradict each other xD

sp1deynut2765d ago

...apparently N4G now stands for News 4 Gangsters. HHG would be proud. :o