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S_C2733d ago

Ill go for the GAME offer myself

ReservoirDog3162732d ago

The amazon one kinda sucks but that's the one I'm getting.

-Mezzo-2733d ago

I think i will go with the Free Tee offer my Rockstar them-self, as it sound the best of the bunch.

Lirky2733d ago

Better to go for the best offer : Just buy the Damn game offer.

Pre-order bonus's should be ignored Since its a.content that couldnt fit on the disc.

The b. it should be released as DLC not exclusive pre order.

S_C2733d ago

So you would rather buy the game without the extra content or would pay for the same content after its been released as DLC whereas you could have it for free day 1 hmmmmmm...

sp1deynut2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

...there are a TON of pre-order bonuses that aren't game content related. Figurines, signed artwork/books, T-shirts, hats, soundtracks, comics, personal favorite...$10-$20 gift cards, like Amazon regularly gives. But you are right about one thing: those are all things that won't "fit on the disc". :o

Take your head out of your butt, and stop commenting without thinking first. :o

Burning_Finger2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Retailers exclusive s***s donkey balls. There's always a chance that you might it get on PSN or XBLA anyway. So FT..

Lirky2733d ago

So the coolest thing ever i guess for some of you, if you want all that content u have to pre-order the game multiple times once from each retailer.

= u will have the codes to have all that non-dlc but exclusive coded items. Too expensive.

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