Gamespot Gives 5/10 to PS3 NBA 08

NBA 07 for the PlayStation 3 was a mess, clearly rushed out the door to make it to stores in time for the PlayStation 3's launch. SCEA has had 10 months to straighten things out for NBA 08--not a lot of time in the world of game development. There's no question that this year's game is better than last year's, but its gameplay is so laden with problems that it's still not worth your time.

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MK_Red4092d ago

Wow, I was expecting low score from Gamespot but not 5... And they Gave it the BBB (Broken Buggy thing) medal. Is it really that bad?

nasim4092d ago

GAMESPOT gave TWO WORLDS a 7/10...two worlds is the worst game in history and got 2/10 from GAMEINFORMER and GAMESPY.

GAMESPOT has lost half of its traffic and still it doesnt mend its ways

MK_Red4092d ago

I ado agree with you on GameSpot being the worst reviewing site. I mean, they gave 9/10 to BioShock while World In Conflict and Halo 3 got 9.5. All 3 are great games but BioShock deserves 10 at the very least.

And agree on their Two Worlds screw up. They really blew it when they gave Two Worlds 7... It's not the worst 360 game but 7 and 7.5!?

FF7numba14092d ago

looks at ign's score for 08. 7.5....gamespot has been tough lately,

rosko4864092d ago

None of the games that have come out or are coming out deserve a 10. None of the games are perfect and if you say something is perfect then you can't do any better.

SlippyMadFrog4092d ago

how on earth do you know that Gamespot lost half it's traffic? Where on earth did you hear that? The only thing more hilarious than your "facts" are the trolls agreeing with your statements

nix4092d ago

i know he can be irritating but damn i'm so happy that he kills others like Mart/bladestar/cybersentinel/j ason/etc with one single comment. they've been contaminating the PS3 section since it was launched!

you gotta give him that credit. i was bored irritated with Mart and his family... nowadays all i hear from them is "goo goo gaa gaa!" q:

The Swordsman4092d ago

It took one type of evil(an unstoppable PS3 fanboy) to stop another type of evil (an army of unstoppable Xbox 360 fanboys). Speaking of the Mart, I haven't heard much from him lately.

nix4092d ago

i know... it needs steel to cut steel. now they all have become lilliputians in front of gulliver (nasim). q:

who cares where Mart is... the more he disappears, the better for N4G.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4092d ago

Gamespot's anti-ps3 bias rears its ugly head again.

masterg4092d ago


Actually Gamespot is continuing to grow in traffic. But I do agree that their reviews makes no sense.

Traffic rating ->

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The Dude4092d ago

Wow that got a better review than Lair.

jiggyjay4092d ago

That's not hard to do!! All you have to do is get a 3 and better! Hell lair is so bad I was thinking of making my own game with my own sh*t and tell Sony to hype the $h*t out of it and make their fanboys buy it.. I'm pretty sure playing with my sh*t would be funner than playing Lair!

SlippyMadFrog4092d ago

Do you see what happens dude, do you see what happens? Do you see what happens when you [email protected] a stranger in the ASS!

ATLRoAcH4092d ago

I have officially played all the 08 NBA (EA's,2k's and Sony's) games and I like NBA 08 and NBA 07 better than all of them.I think it has the best controls compared to the others.But thats my opinion.5/10 is unfair.

FF7numba14092d ago

its between live and 2k I dont know whats up with sony.

barom4092d ago

i'm not a big fan of NBA games but you know demos are awsome and so I tried all three of them. NBA Live 08, NBA 2k8 and NBA 08. I found NBA 08 to be a loooot more accessible. It was a lot easier for me to get into the game without having to learn all of the controls. I was basically able to pick it up and play right away.

So I was really surprised it got such a low score but if you read about it. It got mostly negative feedback from not having enough features (which the others have had for years) though I felt 5/10 was a bit harsh. Maybe other site might give it about 7/10?

Pipebomb4092d ago

I'll be picking up NBA 2k8. I switched over from live last year and haven't looked back.

LeonSKennedy4Life4092d ago

I still think nothing's been good since NBA Hoopz.

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