Gears of War 3 beta blow-out!

"A new feature to Gears of War 3 beta is Team Deathmatch which is a first in the series. Rod Fergusson goes on and describes how Gears 3 Team Deathmatch will be like going back to Unreal Tournament. He continues on how Gears 3 team deathmatch should offer a hide & seek behind a car feel and hunting people down such as 3 against 1 and bringing the score back to level terms. Once you respawn you will have 5 lives and when your respawn trickles down it will go to last man standing to adding more drama towards the end and the first team to get two rounds wins."

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HaVoK3082768d ago

Greatest Game Eva! Muhahahaha!

bwazy2768d ago

Pretty sure that the greatest game "eva" is universally agree'd upon and known as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Gears is still good though.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2768d ago

Actually I Think The Greatest Game Ever Is Crash Bandicoot

Aarix2768d ago

THEIR BOTH AWESOME. Let's leave it at that.

cochise3132768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I can agree with you, that game is critcally acclaimed. Ocarina of time marked a new milestone for the Zelda series. My favorite of all time has got to be Castlevania: symphony of the night.

bwazy2768d ago

Unlike you, I have a source for my reasoning. Enjoy your 1 bubble.


bwazy2768d ago

Previous Gears games didnt have TDM in its multiplayer? Hmm, I did not know this. Glad to see its here though.

Cock4Gamers2768d ago

They had team deathmatch, but the catch was that it was different from the average TDM because you didn't respawn until after a round was over. Now, they have TDM where you respawn rite after you die.

cochise3132768d ago

Ugh September is so far away. It looks like it's going to be a busy Christmas season.

Killzone3___2768d ago

that's great :) .. have fun guys :) ... i hope it's alot like gears 1 not like gears 2 .... big maps and alots of players makes it less fun for me .......

cochise3132768d ago

Gears 2 was amazing. I actually liked it better that the first.

MRHARDON2768d ago

I actually laughed when I saw that this is the first Gears to have TDM....That is really sad, all first person shooters should have this.

Armyntt2768d ago

Quick note Mr.Hardon, Geow is not a fps. So the sadness goes out to the ignorant.

bwazy2768d ago

Gears as said isnt a fps.... Its a shooter... with an over the shoulder camera..... tps to be exact.

MRHARDON2768d ago

Lol I totally forget that Gears is a TPS

Anyways, still, they should of had it since the first game.