GT5 Succeeds, But Fails To Boast The PS3 Past The Xbox 360

Some days ago, we had reports that GT5 which released in December of 2010 has sold well over 6 million copies world-wide. That’s huge and considering the game’s label, it would still do more sales, probably up to 10 million copies, remember that no full GT game has sold below 10 million copies and I am very certain that GT5 would deliver on that line of success history.

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shikamaroooo2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Fail Article But It Did Manage To Help Ps3 Outsell Xbox 360 in 2010.............. And Plus Gt5 just been out for a few months

Abash2577d ago

Price drop + long list of exclusives this year will though

EasilyTheBest2577d ago

How can you say that PS3 will pass the 360 this year.
No one knows that.
Noone knows whats going to happen.

Example -

Microsoft brings out Xbox 100 gb with Kinect and two games. £129.

Whos to say they wont.

No one knows whats going to happen. You can all just hope.

zootang2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

The 360 is over saturated now, has been for a while and people are looking to new experiences.

Jezuz2577d ago

same could be said for any other console

ps3destroyer2577d ago

Why do you always bring on exclusives?Here in Greece people doesn't even know what Infamous 2 is and you expect exclusives to save our console?Get over it the 360 will outsell the ps3 because Kinect will outsell Move.Kinect helped selling a lot of 360 consoles.It's a well known factor that hardcore games never sold systems at a big rate.

morganfell2577d ago


Microsoft dropped the 3 biggest guns possible in 2010. A new model - the 360 Slim, a new Halo game, and Kinect. Those 3 huge items could not get the 360 past the PS3. The major impact from those 3 items has now subsided.

No exclusive is going to do it for the 360 this year since the PS3 owns the title in 2011 for the most comprehensive and extensive list of games.

The race for second place in the console war is already over. It likely has been over for a matter of months if one considers the numbers of 360s sent into MS for repair that never made it back onto the street. That aside, it is just matter of time now. It is like watching a team that is ahead in the 4th quarter of a football game and there is 30 seconds left on the clock...and they have the ball.

A realistic look at this current year's progression paints a better picture for the PS3. The PS3 has outsold the 360 every year since it's launch and this year will be no different.

Snatching absurd pricing possibilities out of thin air will not assist you in deducing a logical roadmap for console manufacturers.

kreate2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

looking at the current gaming trend.

i dont know about ps3 surpassing the 360 this year.

but it does seem like the ps3 will catch up to the 360 this year. it just depends on when sony will drop the ps3 price. if they drop it towards the end of the year. than im not sure how that would turn out.

like always, the ps3 and 360 will have equal amount of sales in the americas and toward the holiday season the 360 will beat the ps3 in the americas.

while in the rest of the world, the ps3 will beat the 360 including the asian and european territories.

bringing the ps3 numbers similar to that of the 360's.

unless Microsoft brings out some high budget core titles, it is highly likely the PS3 will kick the 360's ass. and u know its true even if u disagree.


"you expect exclusives to save our console?"

if exclusives dont save a console, i highly doubt kinect alone will save a console.

insomnium22577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )


Not at 300 usd you can't. Once PS3 has been available for 120-200 usd for a couple of years then we'll see where it stands in lifetime sales. We all know what will happen though. It's not even a contest between x360 and PS3. If Wii dies down at 100 million sold the PS3 will surpass even that. Noone in their right mind disagrees with this.

sikbeta2577d ago

GT5 didn't fail to boast PS3, the game isn't heavily bundled like GT3 in the PS2 era, with the price-drop rumors "surrounding" chances of the PS3 to pass the x360 this year are... well, to put it simple, the gap is reduced by +1.2m (approx) every year thanks to Japan alone @ the current price, a $50 cut can do wonders for the PS3, and a $200 price-tag, will be the PS2 all over again XD

evilunklebud2576d ago

Could we see some data, other than n4g users stating sales "facts"....

doa7662576d ago

PS3 sold 47.9 million in 4 years (average 12 million a year)
360 sold 50.7 million in 5 years (average 10 million a year)

these are official numbers from both Sony and Microsoft ending on dec 2010, so by this time next year PS3 will be ahead and that's long before the next gen arrives, after that PS3 will only strech the gap, so the 360 will end this generation on third place, and far from the PS3's second

2576d ago
HolyOrangeCows2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

"But Fails To Boast The PS3 Past The Xbox 360"

"And succeeds in keeping the PS3 neck and neck with the 360, with its Kinect peripheral, during the holidays"

The PS3 sold neck and neck with the 360 in December, when the Kinect was supposed to help the 360 sell a billion consoles.

"PS3 WAS neck and neck with the 360 for the Oct-Dec 2010 quarter OVERALL, because it outsold the 360 for the first half, then Kinect launched and the 360 outsold the PS3 for the second half"
Ummm.....No. I said December. The 360 was outselling the Ps3 in the months before with the Kinect, but in November, PS3 saw a boost and in December it was selling neck and neck with the 360. I don't know where you're getting your "facts" from.

And LOL, "shortages" PS3 made a bunch more, and that's the only reason it sold neck and neck. LOL, k.

YodaCracker2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

@kreate "like always, the ps3 and 360 will have equal amount of sales in the americas and toward the holiday season the 360 will beat the ps3 in the americas. while in the rest of the world, the ps3 will beat the 360 including the asian and european territories."

But you're wrong. The Xbox 360 is currently outselling the PS3 by a 2 to 1 ratio in the Americas, and all that with shortages. Sure, the PS3 is doing better in Europe and Japan, but the gap in the Americas is too big for the PS3 to overcome in the rest of the world. These are simply facts.

@kreate "if exclusives dont save a console, i highly doubt kinect alone will save a console."

Kinect has mass market appeal. It is bringing in new Xbox 360 customers by the boatload. That is something that sells consoles and it is the single reason that the 360 is currently selling in first place worldwide.

On the other hand, aside from maybe Uncharted 3, how many consoles do you honestly believe these 2011 exclusives are going to sell? The PS3 had its MGS4 sales boost in 2008, its God of War sales boost in 2010, and its Gran Turismo 5 sales boost. There really are no more big franchises making their first appearance on the PS3 to reel in new customers.

Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Ratchet and Clank, SOCOM... those games just aren't going to sell many consoles. Sure, they're great for people who already own a PS3, but that's about it. The real system sellers of 2011 are Uncharted 3, Gears of War 3, and Kinect. Those will likely push the most consoles. Unless the PS3 gets a price drop in 2011, I just don't see it outselling the 360. At least not at the current rate the 360 is selling.

I am basing my views merely on facts.

@HolyOrangeCows "The PS3 sold neck and neck with the 360 in December, when the Kinect was supposed to help the 360 sell a billion consoles."

Despite insane shortages for the entire second half of December, the 360 still outsold the PS3 worldwide by half a million units in December, so I don't believe you have your facts straight there. The PS3 WAS neck and neck with the 360 for the Oct-Dec 2010 quarter OVERALL, because it outsold the 360 for the first half, then Kinect launched and the 360 outsold the PS3 for the second half.

Death24942576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )


(sigh) let's just put it like this. Last year in 9 months the ps3 outsold the 360 by 2.3 million. this is just in the first 9 months of 2010. Say what you will but Sony still hasn't reached that 199.99 consumer sweet spot. It's going to happen, but Microsoft just proved that they're not going anywhere to the gaming industry.
@ EasilytheBest,
You can already get a 360 for that price nowadays. Wii is reaching saturation and 360 has been @ 199.99 and below for a year and a half.
you might want to check your facts again.
P.S. ps3 outsold 360 in japan for January, 14:1

when you say facts, try posting links next time. It really helps

Anon19742576d ago Show
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paintsville2576d ago

PS3 in thrid as usual where it's always been.

doa7662576d ago


first, GT5 alone caused the PS3 to outsell the 360 during 2010, otherwise Kinect and its 500 million ad campaign would have caused the 360 to outsell the PS3 for the first time ever

second, the amount of PS3 exclusives this year plus the still ongoing sales caused by GT5 indicate that the PS3 will have an even better year than 2010 and the lack of 360 exclusives indicate that 360 will have an equal or worse year than 2010, so the averages are unlikely to change

third, this generation is still far from over, PS3 will match the 360 in total sales in around a year or year and half, and that's long before Microsoft or Sony are going to release a new console

so PS3 will have at least 2 years after matching the 360 sales to increase the gap

Death24942576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

There is no trend with the 360. America, alone, kept the 360 from suffering another losing quarter. Also all the pre-orders from Kinect that were placed we sold in November. Microsoft launched the slim, Kinect, Halo, and $199.99 4gb 360. If you want to talk trend then let look at January 2011 shall we?

January 2011 America and Japan:

This isn't even counting EU where ps3 outsells 360. Even using VGChartz numbers they say ps3 outsold 360 that month by 140k in EU. So the first month worldwide for 2011 goes to Sony by 238,000 units.

Oner2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

What certain closed minded people here like to overlook about the example given by doa766 is that it is an AVERAGE amount descriptor over the time frame.

If you look at how much the PS3 has out sold the 360 over 2010 (which BTW was over 3.1 Million) you can easily understand why the amount that the 360 "leads" (and I use that term loosely because that is not including bans, E74's, RROD's & etc) by right (roughly 2.9 Million) is not a big deal to overcome.

So when you look at the current status of things more openly and objectively by factoring information like how Microsoft played their cards with the biggest things they had in 2010 (a new slim model 360, a new Halo game, and Kinect) yet STILL couldn't outsell the PS3 (remember the 360s being cheaper as well) then it's not hard to see where thing are headed.

Now you add in a 4th factor that MS has almost no exclusives for 2011 (just like 2010 & 2009) against the PS3's extremely strong lineup AND a price drop that will most definitely happen this year and it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a paid "analyst" to figure out how things will be by years end 2011.

But then again what do I know? I just see the facts/trend that has happened EVERY SINGLE YEAR while having my hands busy playing some awesome exclusive titles month, after month, after month on my PS3! So I really couldn't care less...but when the time comes, I will have so much fun saying "I told you so"


2576d ago
Shadow Flare2576d ago


Well ps3 has continously been outselling 360 worldwide so all those things you mentioned did put ps3 over the top.

And like morganfell said before, you consider the massive failure rate of 360's, and ps3 is definately over the top. Or are you going to tell me every single 360 in existance is in perfect working condition lol?

MaxXAttaxX2576d ago

What else could one expect here on N4G.

DragonKnight2576d ago

Lmao DK. That last post you made clearly shows your immense fanboyism in favor of the 360. Wow. You try way too hard.

Oner2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

@DK268K ~ You seem extremely bitter and angry for some reason? Maybe you need more games to play on your, oh that's right...oh well at least you have your harcore oh sorry did it again.

But whatever, I explained something rationally and you TRY to change the subject (that you questioned originally) without actually addressing what I brought up, which makes it very clear as to what you always do. That's quite immature and closed minded wouldn't you say? So on that note I have made my point for all to contemplate and laugh at you for.

Edit: @DragonKnight ~ Exactly. I am glad other people notice it too ;)

Edit: @DK268K Below ~ actually I said "when the time comes", but that is inconsequential to my MAIN point of which you STILL don't want to address for some odd reason? You know? The issue you originally questioned that I am AGAIN pointing out for the second...or is it third time now?! It's probably because I am right and you are wrong and you just can't admit it/stand it. How is that for reasoning!? LMFAO! ;P

2576d ago
MeanOldman2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

dk286, remember this here

you were wrong bout the worldwide totals. liker many people here in the states you get blinded by npd and then you go an read vgchartz who have been dead wrong ever time. you just need to accept the fact that teh ps3 is gonna take over second place dude.

an dk dude, all them games you list have been putting the ps3 over the top of the 360. its called outselling the 360 ever year. something you been trying to ignore.

DragonKnight2576d ago

@DK: No, replying to him doesn't make you an extreme fanboy. The context in which you posted the following does...

"Killzone 2 will put PS3 over the top".
"Uncharted 2 will put PS3 over the top".
"God of War 3 will put PS3 over the top".
"The PS3 slim will put PS3 over the top".
"The $100 price drop to $299 will put PS3 over the top".
"Gran Turismo 5 will put PS3 over the top".
"The failure of Kinect will put PS3 over the top".

And then this...

"360 fans have had a monopoly on "I told you so" for years. Maybe you'll get lucky and be able to say it once."

That's what makes you the "extreme fanboy".

Could you say "nyah nyah nyah" any clearer than that? I don't think so.

So yeah, good enough of an explanation for you?

2576d ago
Dee_912576d ago

well tbh honest i thought ps3 wouldve been passed the xbox 360
but the fact is here in america Xbox 360 is more of a house hold name then ps3
hell if you ask some americans they still think ps3 is $600
my uncle for example

DragonKnight2576d ago

For those wondering what DK is referring to when he makes the claim that I'm a fanboy, he PM'ed me a comment I made that he feels is fanboyish.

The comment was made on the article that told us that MS was giving 80 free Live points and I said.

"80 points? Really? Wow, don't go bankrupt Microsoft. You need that money for your next $500 million campaign."

So, I submit to the fanboy seeking experts on any side, did I attack the Xbox, its games, its userbase, with an irrational and untrue statement designed to irritate the "beehive"?

Wow DK, you can't just admit that you're a huge 360 fanboy can you.

skrug2576d ago


"You forget two important details. Even though the 360 has averaged 10 million per year, the past year was it's best, with well over 10 million sold. 360 is clearly trending upward in sales. "

2010 was 360's best year, yet the PS3 out sold it.

upturned22576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

@ps3servant "Why do you always bring on exclusives?Here in Greece people doesn't even know what Infamous 2 is and you expect exclusives to save our console?Get over it the 360 will outsell the ps3 because Kinect will outsell Move.Kinect helped selling a lot of 360 consoles.It's a well known factor that hardcore games never sold systems at a big rate."

biggest dumbass i've ever read

but after reading the rest, DK you are the biggest shit for brains i know that can type.


upturned22576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

@YodaCracker "On the other hand, aside from maybe Uncharted 3, how many consoles do you honestly believe these 2011 exclusives are going to sell? The PS3 had its MGS4 sales boost in 2008, its God of War sales boost in 2010, and its Gran Turismo 5 sales boost. There really are no more big franchises making their first appearance on the PS3 to reel in new customers."


*hunchback pointing and laughing hysterically *

MaxXAttaxX2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

The day PS3 released it started from 0, while 360 already had 8 million.

Exactly. PS3 sells more within the same amount of time.

Let's admit it. It's only a matter of time before the PS3 ties with 360(and may even surpass it)

jadenkorri2576d ago

i love fail articles, there the best. Everyone talks about 360 being 2nd place the ps3 third. Why is the ps3 3rd, because they have less sales, of course they do, the 360 been out a whole f*@king year earlier. If this was a car race and 1 guy was given a whole lap ahead of everyone, of course he's gonna win. It would be pathetic if he lost.....

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rrw2577d ago

it just the beginning. wait until uncharted 3 where it out sold 360

Mustang300C20122577d ago

4 1/2 years later is just the beginning? This was one of the points in the article. Jeez.

showtimefolks2576d ago

4 1/2 years too late really this gen is still going on right and systems are still 300 and yet to hit the sweet spot of 149-199

its not over till this gen's system still selling and that will be on ps3's case for a long time also MS will be here for atleast 3 more years before their next console

my real concern is what will be wii's next gimmick so motion controls have been done already

maybe after long time nintendo will finally make a hardcore console they have the Ip's to back it up but i bet you they will still go for some gimmick

next gen begins when all 3 console makers have a new home console in the market

wii fall 2011
xbox360 fall 2012 at the earliest 2013 at the latest
ps3 2014-2015

so this gen stay as long as ps3 is still here along with xbox360

imagine when xbox360 and ps3 hit 99 think about that

upturned22576d ago

@RedHemi300c (stupid name btw) "4 1/2 years later is just the beginning? This was one of the points in the article. Jeez."

moron! the ps3 HAS a 10 year life span. once thats over, next-gen console. look it up and tell me i'm wrong.

or you can just look at the technology behind the ps3 and compare it to the 360's specs.

the ps3 was meant to last a lot longer than the other consoles before it was even made. this is called thinking ahead by Sony.

Maddens Raiders2576d ago

is the point of this article? Oh that's right, there is no point.

The only clear thing is that a console with a year head start is on it's way out while the other gets stronger by the day.

The_Ultimate_Guy2576d ago

Not from what I am seeing. Kinect is as strong as ever and the 360 is still selling extremely well. MS has 2 of the best selling and highest rated franchises coming out this year (Forza being the highest rated racing sim and Gears of War being the highest selling new IP this gen where both are AAA status games).

Sony has stumbled with 2 of their biggest flagship titles in the last 3 months (GT5 and Killzone 3) both sitting at 85/10 on meta. Good thing GT has a large following in Europe or else sales would be next to nothing. LBP2 once again is getting great reviews and will probably hit 4 million units sold like LBP did. Resistance is an average at best franchise with appropriate sales for an average franchise leaving Uncharted 3 as being Sony's only Ace up their sleeve that will get a 90+ average on meta aside from LBP 2.

YodaCracker2576d ago

How exactly is the 360 on its way out when it is currently seeing its highest sales ever and selling in first place worldwide? That's like saying the PS3 was on its way out right after its price drop and Slim launch back in 2009. It simply makes no sense....

BlackTar1872576d ago

Yoda i thought someone else pointed out it isnt the #1 selling worldwide for 2011?

Please clarify the confusion with some links to support your facts.

Jazz41082576d ago

I know all you ps3 fanboys are in here trying hard to defend the ps3 but guys gice credit when it due. How many of you ps3 fans would havve thought at the beginning of this gen that the ps3 would be fighting the 360 for second place and get outsold 2 to 1 inn the usa this late into this generation. I really feel ms has done a incredible job gaining marketshare and this gen can't be going on much longer. So face it ms held off the ps3 almost all of this gen and who knows maybe all off it.blike I said both consoles are neck and neck and this is a huge victory for ms this late in its cycle so drop the fanboy hate and give ms credit as I give sony plenty of credit for what they did last gen.

rockleex2576d ago

Launching your console at $600 can do that for you.

showtimefolks2576d ago

yet late last year everyone was like xbox360 is elling ps3 by bunches than the numbers come out and what do we have hear ps3 outsold the xbox360

kinect was suppose to outsell move and it did but did that slow ps3.


GT5 is on pace to sell over 10million by 2011 i think that number will be 12-15million so in 13-14 months if you can sell a game 12-15million

and plus you already made your developer cost of GT5:p for 39.95 and that sold over 5million

whether someone likes it or not ps3 will over take the 2nd place sometimes this year. and with wii not selling as well plus the fact wii won't be here for 4-6 more years there is a great great chnance ps3 will sell 120-150million by the time its all set and done

ask yourself this wii MS be supporting xbox360 in 3-4 years if for some weird reason you say yes than you don't know how MS conduct business.

a new xbox360 by fall 2012 at the latest

and its coming from a pro xbox360/ps3 fan

scalyranger667 xblive
showtimefolks psn

DOMination2576d ago

When ps3 has a price cut the 360 will go down too because MS has been making profit for ages. also when it comes to blockbuster gaming 360 is the ONLY console where you can play Gears, Halo AND CoD. Just sayin'

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Prcko2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Because gt5 was delayed(people thought that gt5 gonna come out sooner)
don't worry ps3 gonna pass xbox soon!

vsr2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Should be edited like this

"GT5 Succeeds better than Halo, but fails to boast PS3 past the xbox in USA only."

The_Ultimate_Guy2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

I think it should be,

"GT5 with a 47 million PS3 install base barely manages to outsell Halo that only had an install base of 8 million 360's yet still fails to boost the PS3 past the Xbox 360"

BrianG2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

@The Ultimate Guy

Thats a worse title.

First, Xbox 360 install base was far greater than 8 million since Halo released in 2007.

Second of all, why then are the sales for Halo Reach not 50 million? since the install base is much much larger now? Are the games getting worse and the fans backing off? Thats what your title sort of implies.

Don't hate when good games get good sales please. It makes you look bad.

Grenadan2577d ago

those 6 million were shipped

zootang2577d ago

from said article
Gran Turismo--10.80
Gran Turismo 2--9.37
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec--14.89
Gran Turismo Concept Series--1.56
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue--1.40
Gran Turismo 4--11.19
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue--5.20
Gran Turismo PSP--2.32
Gran Turismo 5--6.37

Sales! Give credit where credit is due.

awesomeperson2577d ago

Lol the XBots way of thinking:

When suits 360- OK we'll try use American console sales as a way to convince Ps3 users that XBOX is teh BEAST

When sales in N.A suit PS3- B-b-but those were shippppeeeeddd!

sikbeta2577d ago

Guys, I'm asking for real now, what makes you believe GT5 can't sell that much? GT5:Prologue sold 5m (with PSN downloads) and it wasn't the final product, GT5 sold that much and that's it, lets come to talk about GT5 sales again in November and if sales numbers are +4m/+3m or even 1m up, you'll keep saying it's just sold to retailers? come on guys, is Gran Turismo we're talking about :P

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Dart892577d ago

Umm can you read or you just blind it says sold maybe you should go back to school and learn to read xDDD.

YodaCracker2576d ago

Sony and Microsoft report SOLD TO RETAILERS numbers. These are known as SHIPPED numbers. When most people refer to SOLD numbers, they are referring to the number of units SOLD TO CONSUMERS. Obviously, there is a big difference. 6 million untis sold to retailers does not equal 6 million units sold to consumers.

shikamaroooo2577d ago

are you serious thats gt5 Prolouge HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH this is way to funny fail troll attempt

Grenadan2577d ago

"This week, the game's developer revealed the PlayStation 3 exclusive has passed another milestone. Polyphony Digital has released shipment figures for its entire Gran Turismo franchise, which showed that the most recent installment has now shipped 6.37 million units worldwide"

shikamaroooo2577d ago

Thats for GT5: Prolouge You Fail Pretty Hard ... You Butt Hurt??

selling faster then halo mate

Nitrowolf22577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )


actually that's for GT5, Gamespot just for some reason placed it in GT5P section. (click the 5.5 sale link in the article)

However the 5.5 artilce
is what was reported back in december 10th. Now it's most likely they are all sold now, considering that was 10-20 days after the game released that those number were reported, which means this shipment was issued the same month of GT5 release.

So they are pretty much sold copies as i am sure it's in the 6.5-7 million range by now.

Pretty much it means they are sold

The_Ultimate_Guy2577d ago

@ shikamaroooo

When Halo 3 was released, the 360 only had an 8 million install base, the PS3 had a 47 MILLION install base when GT5 was released.....mate

Gran Touring2576d ago

yes, because MS only managed to sell 8 million 360's from 2005 to 2007.

Check you figures...mate.

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proudly_X2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

we've not still gotten over this sold and/or shipped arguments . . @ Grenadan it's Sold any way . . .

sashimi2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Yeah and no games were every sold, just shipped /s
guess all those halo and gears copies were never sold and just shipped lol

WildArmed2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

it's funny cause, it doesn't change the fact that vgchartz does estimate a total of 5.6mil sales for GT5

So.. it's not hard to imagine 6mil copies ya know?

For all you naysayer:

Please grow up a lil' ^^

But lemme guess, VG charts isn't a real source?
Oh.. that's right...

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Shok2577d ago

Doesn't matter. Although the PS3 fanboys did declare victory thinking that GT5 would be that final force to push the PS3 past the 360, it's going to happen eventually regardless. All signs point to it.

Interest in the PS3 is growing.

ugo2577d ago

why are bot fans scared of ps3

EasilyTheBest2577d ago

I quite like the 360. Im not so much a fan of the PS3 mind you but thats because I dont like Sony.
I aint scared of alot, but Im pretty spooked about the dedication and blind fanboyism there is on this site.

Is there a videogame site a little like N4G that is just for grown ups?
It would do well.