MS: 2011 'Incredible' for Hardcore Gamers on Xbox

2011 will be "an incredible year" for hardcore gamers on Xbox 360.

That's according to the senior producer of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, Kevin Unangst, who told CVG that this afternoon's Xbox 360 announcements are "just the beginning" of what 2011 has to offer.

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-MD-2733d ago

Yeah they say that every year. Announce Perfect Dark 2 or shut up.

lociefer2733d ago

they gonna announce something better than skittles ?!1!!

velocitygamer2733d ago

MS, how about announce some games FIRST. So far, its not very incredible for xbox atm.

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seinfan2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I reported you for spam simply because I see that post way too much on this site. I don't know WHY you're spamming. I'm not you.

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kancerkid2733d ago

I don't really need too many exclusives to flesh out the multipkat list. In fact, Gears and Forza 4 would be fine. Am I the only person who spends more than a week with a game anymore?

Dark Souls
Dungeon Siege 3
Dead Space 2
Battlefield 3
Mass Effect 3
Bioshock Infinite
Fight Night Champion
Mortal Kombat

Even if I don't buy half of those games, I will be set for the year.

I think it is fine that a lot of people buy PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusives, and maybe that is all they buy all year. But it does not make you a more hardcore player because you buy exclusives only. If you only buy multiplat's, that doesn't make you less hardcore either.

There are great games to be hard on either system, even if most can be found on both. If you just had a 360, you wouldn't be missing out on multiplats. Ad you can be content with multiplats, so what is the difference?

Active Reload2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

@malandra...probably because 360 fans don't care about your list of games.

Edit: I'm not concerned with that. I mean, are you posting games that pertain to this article? Are your posts a summary of the article?

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Lou-Cipher2733d ago

Typical Microsoft. Trying to convince the masses with words instead of products.

Microsoft's Core lineup is the weakest we have seen in a decade. Hell, even the Wii has more Core exclusives this year.

If Microsoft would put as much effort into their product as much as they do running their mouths, then we would have a real lineup for the 360 this year.

blumatt2733d ago

Here,man, I'll help you get your point across to those who don't know what's releasing this year.

2011 PS3 core exclusive list

little big planet 2 (1/18)
killzone 3 (2/22)
MLB The Show (3/8)
yakuza 4 (3/15)
PS Move Heroes (3/22)
Motorstorm Apocalypse (4/12)
Socom 4 (4/19)
Infamous 2 (6/7)
ICO/SOTC HD collection
Ratcher and Clank All For One
White Knight Chronicles 2
Ni No Kuni
Resistance 3 (9/6)
Uncharted 3 (11/1)
The Last Guardian (holidays 2011)
Twisted Metal (holidays 2011)

(please note how I'm leaving out games like DC Universe Online, The Agency and Final Fantasy 14 because they're not exclusives because they have PC versions)

360 2011 core exclusive list

Gears of War 3 (fall 2011)
Forza 4

(in both lists the ones with no dates are TBA2011, but at some point they were announced for 2011)

cool cole2733d ago


2011 PS3 core exclusive list

little big planet 2 (1/18)
killzone 3 (2/22)
MLB The Show (3/8)
yakuza 4 (3/15)
PS Move Heroes (3/22)
Motorstorm Apocalypse (4/12)
Socom 4 (4/19)
Infamous 2 (6/7)
ICO/SOTC HD collection
Ratcher and Clank All For One
White Knight Chronicles 2
Ni No Kuni
Resistance 3 (9/6)
Uncharted 3 (11/1)
The Last Guardian (holidays 2011)
Twisted Metal (holidays 2011)

(please note how I'm leaving out games like DC Universe Online, The Agency and Final Fantasy 14 because they're not exclusives because they have PC versions)

360 2011 core exclusive list

Gears of War 3 (fall 2011)
Forza 4

(in both lists the ones with no dates are TBA2011, but at some point they were announced for 2011)

DualConsoleOwner2733d ago

so you are basically saying you dont want more games??

darthv722733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Those are only the games that you consider relevant. There are more non AAA hyped titles. Does that mean they arent worth mentioning? It all depends on your point of view.

Picking and choosing what you want to see is limiting as it relates to the point you are trying to make.

Sadly...this is why I miss the open zone.

Megaton2733d ago

We've got Gears and Forza! Did I mention we've also got Gears and Forza? Also, the 3rd installment in the blockbuster series Gears of War! Incredible lineup!

teething2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I end up spending most of my time gaming on the 360 (for whatever reason it is the multiplatform titles that I prefer, and I get those for the 360), but even I can say that this is "announcement" is kind of lame.

It will be an incredible year for hardcore gaming on the 360... but same goes from the PS3... except that the PS3 has the same games, plus more high quality exclusives. (mind you, most of them don't interest me that much, I am tired of shooters...but that is not the point)

Still, I don't really care that the 360 has less hardcore exclusives, because there will be far more games this year than I can afford, or have time to play across one console, let alone the 4 systems I own (Wii, PS3, PC).

YodaCracker2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )


Intentionally trying to downplay the 360 lineup again by not including PC/360 exclusives? Real original. The only place you will get away with a farce like this is on N4G. You would be torn apart anywhere else.

Microsoft publishes games for both of their platforms; Windows and the Xbox 360. Sony does not have another platform to publish for aside from handhelds, but we can't count those (well maybe we will be able to with the NGP if it's as powerful as a current gen console). Don't pull the act where you say you won't count PC/console exclusive titles for either console, as if it is fair when it's a completely different situation for the 360.

You are an absolute fool and are kidding yourself if you look at this guy's list and take it seriously. He's even missing a bunch of true 360 exclusives, let alone all the console exclusives, Kinect titles, Arcade titles, and rumored titles that are likely to release for the 360 in 2011.

Microsoft is also known to announce big titles just months before release, unlike Sony who always seems to have their whole lineup announced far in advance. See: Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Forza Motorsport 3 (all announced and released in the same year).

And, as unlikely as it is, if the worst would come true, and there is nothing yet to be announced for the 360 in 2011, then hey, it couldn't be much worse than the PS3's 2010!

Redman222733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

So those incredible multiplats won't be available on the PS3 and PC? lmao So it's going to be an incredible year for all of us but more so for PS3 and PC users.

EVILDEAD3602733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Lol @ all the Fan kid hate meaning absolutely nothing..Microsoft is still in the the driver's seat of their own destiny..

At the end of the day, with a few twitter announcements Micrsoft finishes the day with the fan kids all riled up over nothing and a bunch of great press for Gears.

The console war silliness got the fan kids on repeat like this was 2009.

Let's keep it real..

No matter how you shake up Sony's huge exclusives comes down to one game 'Uncharted 3' which won't launch till this holiday.

Simply, put all Micrsoft has to do is release Gears in September, Forza 4 in October, and watch how EVERY single gaming sales record is shattered when 'Modern Warfare 3' releases in November.

While Nintendo and Sony fight over handhelds and lower console prices..

Micrsoft will use E3 to make it's biggest pledge as to why 8 million more people need to buy Kinect next year as well. They are not dumb, if Micrsoft pulls off some huge holiday titles, Hardcore included for Kinect, show off some genuine suprises from retail to arcade and of couse Halo HD for 2011..they might cruise to another banner year.

So while the haters sit on websites pretending that the 360 will somehow implode because it doesnt put out 20 exclusives..the records will show that the gamers will be in heaven as this is easily the best multi-plat year in recent times..Skyrim, Batman: A. City,etc. = gaming heaven

Own all systems and can't wait for Shadow HD, Journey, and Uncharted 3. But none of those games will keep me from waiting on line in September for the Gears midnight launch or picking up Forza 4 when it drops..

I think the most slept-on announcement came the other day when it was announced that the independents can now develop for Kinect..that will be interesting to say the least

It's a great time to be a gamer..too bad we are all going to be broke by the end of the year


ReservoirDog3162733d ago

For 2011 on the 360, I'm looking forward to....Gears 3 and finally getting around to playing Alan Wake and SP Conviction if they don't get announced for the PS3 in the next few months.

And ME3 if it comes out (already have a Shepard from 1 and 2 on the 360). That's about it really. Not too bad.

DarkSpawnClone2733d ago

OHHHHH!!!!! N4G had a farm E I E I O And on his farm he had some fanboys E I E I O with a fanboy here and a fanboy there,here a fanboy there a fanboy every where a fan boy!!

I'm so glad n4g isn't like real life lol

dragon822733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I have already purchased 8 new games this year and its not even March yet. Some of us need more than just a handful of games each year.

IcarusOne2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Yet another 360 story dominated by PS3 fanboys. Overcompensating much? I guess KZ3 isn't keeping you guys busy enough.

zootang2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

It's funny how people defend a games company not making games.

Should it not be, where are my games? What about next years games?

Are you boys gamers or just blindly defending a corporation that has no interest in you?

PirateThom2732d ago

"I don't really need too many exclusives to flesh out the multipkat list"

This is EXACTLY what is wrong with the XBox generation/fanboys.

"I like having less choices."

That's basically what you're saying there. Unless you can give me some logical reasoning as to why 2 exclusives and a load of multiplatform games is better than the option of a load of exclusive games and multiplatform games, I'm all ears.

SkyGamer2732d ago

I agree with the above poster that stated those games are relevant to them. Sure that is a good list, but not any of those are even blockbuster titles. If you take ALL the PC games converted to X360 like Draconis and a bunch of others, PC/X360 would have a bunch of exclusives as well. I personally liked Draconis but it is not a blockbuster AAA game. Now lets revise that list a bit for true AAA games:

little big planet 2 (1/18)
killzone 3 (2/22)
Motorstorm Apocalypse (4/12)
Socom 4 (4/19)
Ratcher and Clank All For One
Resistance 3 (9/6)
Uncharted 3 (11/1)
Twisted Metal (holidays 2011)

I like Twisted Metal but it is not a AAA game. Now if we go by sales, none of those will hold a candle to Gears 3. It is quite possible that Gears 3 will sell more than all those combined within a year. sony needs to get a mascot like Mario is to Nintendo and Master Chief is to Microsoft. The closest would be Kratos but that game is still a niche game and not a behemoth like the other 2.

tehpees32732d ago

So what did I miss? Was that Halo announcement really only maps? Wow. I was so expecting a Halo remake.

Wake up 360 fanboys. M$ don't care about it's fanbase. They left 360 for kinect and they said thats their main focus.

This is just PR bs to get you to hold on.

No Way2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Oh, PirateThom..

Because games are games, simple. The end.
Okay, maybe not.. Here's wha I mean, for you slow minded folk:
Games are games! If I'm going to buy games for the xbox,
What does it matter if they are exclusive or multiplat?
If I only own an xbox (I don't) they are 'all' exclusive to me.
So, again, why does it matter if they are exclusive or multiplat?
Oh wait.. it doesn't! Why? Oh yeah..

Games are games! -.-

Wh15ky2732d ago


Uh, what?

I don't think you understood his question.

Lawliet2732d ago

As the argument goes on.. The comments just got dumber. Especially with the last few ones kinda like a script of comedy show.

NickIni2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Yeah... so we're now deciding whether a game is "AAA" or not before any proper gameplay footage has been see, let alone the game released/reviewed. ...Riiiight...Bit premature don't you think? Since when did AAA even matter? I've played some pretty damn good titles that we're only "AA".

doa7662732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )


if you want to consider games that release on PC as well as "exclusives" that would only benefit the PS3, because it has 3 PS3/PC announced for 2011 (DC Universe online, The Agency and Final Fantasy 14) and 360 has only one (XCOM)

and regarding PS3's 2010 line up, there was MAG, Heavy Rain, ModNation Racers, God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5

so that was nothing according to you? maybe you should try playing those games and then talked about them

Undeadwolfy2732d ago

Oh well, it doesn't matter... 360 gets Black Ops maps first anyway...


Nineball21122732d ago

@ DarkSpawnClone

That video was hilarious!! Haha...

I'll "Agree" and "Bubble up", and won't report it. LOL

Vherostar2732d ago

They are talking about 3rd party titles though and to be fair if you only own a 360 and cannot for some reason afford a ps3 (even now its been reduced) It still has a lot of hardcore games the problem is of course most them games can be found on ps3 so hes not lying in a way.

kancerkid2732d ago

"The ps3 does look to have a better exclusives lineup this year so far, but really I don't see the difference being that big. Each has stuff I want and stuff I don't want. I really hope 360 has more interesting kinect projects (like project draco) this year and I do hope that crytek kingdoms game is something special.

People need to get over the console wars bullshit, some years MS has the edge and others sony does, or a matter of taste will veer you one way. MS did a lot of work with original IP this gen and some things stuck and others didn't. People bitch and moan that we're getting ANOTHER gears, ANOTHER forza, ANOTHER halo, where is all the original ip?! Meanwhile sony releases.. Another uncharted, another resistance, another ratchet, another littlebigplanet, another infamous, and has.. last guardian which will probably be the only title that dev releases this gen.

Sony and MS are actually quite similar, MS makes orignial ip, so does sony, sony then sequels them to death, and so does MS. It's also unfair to remove kinect as a factor to some extent, if the only reason you care is to be able to have a cock fight with sony fans or vice versa, than they most certainly do count. People bitching about how ME3 or bioshock infinite lose purpose because they are on ps3 now, just stop playing games. It's nothing but GOOD those series moved to the ps3 because they both only sold 'pretty good' on 360, cracking maybe 2 million tops. These series deserve bigger budgets and more fanfare, and that's exactly what expanding the userbase can do.

Looking at both of my collections, the 360 is filled to the brim with way more original IP than the ps3 first party wise, the difference was ps3 owners bought the original ip and made them successes, while xbox owners ignored them. LBP sold a lot and viva pinata did not, same for banjo, kameo, pdz, blue dragon, etc. Sony has just had a better strategy in supporting their original ip to eventually do well, where as MS surrenders pretty easily and moves onto new ip.. Or in this case, just coasting on the ones that do well (halo, gears, kinect sports, dance central, fable, forza, etc)

Really, if you're so unhappy with one, buy the other and stop crying. I got a lot of use out of my ps3 this year and i'm sure ultimately I will love this year more than any despite the fact half or more of what I will play are dirty non exclusive third party titles. I play my 360 most, so stuff like marvel, duke, dead space and the like will all be '360 experiences' for me, them being on ps3 as well doesn't suddenly make them worse, if anything being limited to the 360 userbase would probably decrease their budgets and in turn their quality."

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rrw2733d ago

they need to shut up unleash they announced good exclusives.

this is how bad is M$ is. they just hyping up that 2011 is good for 360 but only able to say ONE exclusives title

damnyouretall2733d ago

dont want gears, but i do want forza. i own a ps3 but i might get battlefield for my 360 just cause of my friends. what a shitty year for xbox. maybe all their cards are playin 2012, we'll see

vsr2732d ago

What a funny quote!

ELite_Ghost2733d ago

9 months left and yet nothing...

2732d ago
hoops2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I would love to see perfect dark 2 licensed to use the Cryengine or Frost Bite 2.0 engine.
That would be sweet.
But i see no hardcore games other than Gears 3 and Forza 4 so far in 2011.
So as of now, MS is talking from its rear until it can show those "hardcore games" and not just kinect titles.

Maddens Raiders2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Maybe he's talking about a slew of adult-oriented 360 exclusive games for the that would be incredible. Then again...maybe not.

lelo2play2733d ago

"MS: 2011 'Incredible' for Hardcore Gamers on Xbox"

Yep .. so true. There are going to be a lot of multiplatform hardcore games on the X360.

Theonik2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

It been pretty incredible so far. Incredible how they can have nothing coming until Gears 3 and still spout nonsense like this.

taco_tom2372733d ago

it better be a good year or im selling my 360

Jazz41082733d ago

N like usual itsagai ps3 fanboys that are posting and so worried about the 360 I just don't get the fascination. Ps3 is barren for games most of this generation and they have one year of games and the sony fans all over ms for it. Grow up.

moparful992733d ago


Barren? HAHAHA you are funny.. You mean games like resistance 1 and 2, 3 ratchet and clank titles, little big planet 1 and 2, metal gear solid 4, infamous, motorstorm, god of war 3, killzone 2, heavenly blade, warhawk, gran turismo 5, uncharted 1 and 2 etc.....? Wow if that's barren I would love to see a decent catalogue of games in your dillusional world...

taco_tom2372733d ago

whats the point of me keeping my 360 when theres no good exclusives except gears 3?????

zootang2733d ago


MLB: The Show, Yakuza 3, Demon Souls....

awesomeperson2732d ago

Haha, thats pretty much what one of my friends said except it was Gears 3 which was keeping him from selling his 360.

This was the person that when I met 2 years ago was a diehard 360 fan, now he wants Killzone and a PS3 :D

Moentjers2732d ago

Do it quick, you still might get some bucks from it.

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B-Real2062733d ago

Nintendos' show had new hardware and games
Playstation meeting had new hardware and games
X11 had a release date and beta announcement.

E3 can't get here soon enough!

DEagle-izer2733d ago

No he is right!
an incredible beginning..... FOR A TRAGIC END!!! LOLOL!

nskrishna22733d ago

Just announce it of STFU. Please

pain777pas2733d ago

Is the show over? If you go to gamespot they went through all the games. I don't know what to think or how to feel about the lineup. Sadness is starting to creep up though.

NateCole2733d ago

I rather KI3. For the life of me i really don't get why they won't get a new KI.

internalbit222732d ago

say it often enough and keep saying over and over again and also get the media (M$ marketing department) to help out as well and the sheep will believe it.

XeNoStRatoS2732d ago

I lol'd reading the article and fell off my armchair reading the comment section below (on CVG).

frostypants2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

If Uncharted 3 were the ONLY exclusive game coming out for the PS3 this year, the PS3 would still win.

Sorry. I'm just uber-amped for that game. Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 are my favorite games of this gen, by a long shot. The Mass Effect games are a distant second.

Lucky for everyone Dark Souls will be multi-plat. I just hope it retains the feel that made Demon's Souls so great. If they nerf it, it's ruined.

BlackTar1872732d ago

When does Dark Souls come out? I want to preorder on amazon but they have nothign on there.

Lykon2732d ago

Kevin Unangst the guy in that photo i presume, looks like a mormon and gay

AssassinHD2732d ago

"Microsoft is also known to announce big titles just months before release, unlike Sony who always seems to have their whole lineup announced far in advance."

Why do people still think that?

Halo 3

Announced 5/9/2006
Released 9/22/2007

Fable 3

Announced 8/19/2009
Released 10/26/2010

Halo Reach

Announced 6/1/2009
Released 9/14/2010

Gears of War 3

Announced 4/12/2010
Released late 2011

Sure Forza 3 and Gears of War 2 were both released in the same year that they were announced, but let's not pretend that Microsoft is not known for announcing games far ahead.

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DaThreats2733d ago Show
gravemaker2733d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dlacy13g2733d ago

If this truly is all the news coming out of X11 then I am indeed afraid for what lies instore for MS in 2011. Sure Gears and Forza are there but they need more than that in terms of exclusives.

Dlacy13g2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I believe the actual press conference part of it hits tonight, I would guess around 5pm PST or so and thats when I would hope they would announce at min. the Halo CE remake.

But I am not encouraged by the lack of info outside of Gears of War info.

Raf1k12733d ago

Hopefully they're saving a good surprise for the end of X11.

shikamaroooo2733d ago

how many more hours till its finished i live in australia so i dont follow USA times

jizzyjones2733d ago

So what does that make Sony's lineup?

Coffin872733d ago

lol I had that UT announcer voice in my head reading "legendary".

karl2733d ago

in my head it was

Legen!.. wait for it.. wait for it!!! Dary!!