Fable 3 PC release date confirmed

CVG: "Microsoft has just confirmed that Fable 3 will finally launch on PC on May 17 in US, and on May 19 in Europe, New Zealand and Australia."

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Pandamobile2728d ago

And it will likely fail miserably in the presence of the Witch 2 and Dragon Age 2.

evrfighter2727d ago

So I see M$ is looking for an out of pc gaming as they can't compete with steam. Gonna try and label it dead when nobody buy's their game to try and save face.

Letros2727d ago

Strategic launch date to use a piracy excuse to blame poor sales and further reduce PC attention =P

ATiElite2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

May 17? what are they FN Stupid? Who the hell is gonna buy that?

The Witcher 2 is released that same day. Lets see should I buy a console port that didn't get any hype on it's own console or buy a game built for the PC whose first game is one of the greatest RPG ever? I'll get the PC game.

They need to release Fable 3 PC in April. The only heavy hitter in April so far is Portal 2. Sorry but the only people who will be playing Fable 3 are the pirates (maybe). I'm buying the Witcher 2.

hassi942727d ago

I know. Watch them complain about the fact it sells no copies and how PC gamers don't deserve support. Just releasing an average game at a very bad time. Definitely buying the Witcher 2 over this.

Sarcasm2727d ago

Wow May 17th huh. I've already lost interest in this game and judging from the poor reviews, looks like I'm not missing out on anything anyway.

Capdastaro2727d ago

Dumb move MS and co...

I'm buying it but I doubt many others will with Witcher 2 busting on the scene

DelbertGrady2727d ago

Is it impossible to enjoy both?

tablav2727d ago

I wondered when somebody would say this...if you're a gamer, you should enjoy all the games you can. Don't complain that 2 games are coming out. Just enjoy each experience on it's own merits.

ATiElite2727d ago

sure you can enjoy both but The Witcher is a far superior game that will take up a lot of your time. I'm sure on May 17th no one is gonna shell out $100 for two games especially since they are not gonna play Fable 3 for another month later. That's the point ppl are making.

I see most ppl picking up fable 3 through a steam discount sometime in june or before SW:tor comes out