Gamerstorm Review: Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm presents itself as an over the top fun loving CoD game. Think of it like Saints Row to GTA. But somehow it manages to fail and excel at the same time and it has forced my hand into making a review filled with oxymorons. Discover these contradictions, after the jump.

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Active Reload2768d ago

Lol, that has to be the shortest review I've ever read.

Quagmire2768d ago

No, this is the shortest review you've ever read:

"Meh, overhyped, rental"

Active Reload2768d ago

Is that the order in which it occurred?

ElementX2768d ago

I'm having a blast playing Bulletstorm. I think it's longer than 5 hours. I've been playing a couple hours off and on on a harder difficulty and I'm on Act 1-3