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Much to the shock of Yakuza fans, Sega has handled Yakuza 4 with a surprising amount of competence. Compared to Yakuza 3, where they engaged in almost a year’s worth of “will we bring the game over, or won’t we?” nonsense, they quickly announced a Western release of the sequel. Instead of getting weird, and cutting out the sort of content that worked just fine in the PlayStation 2 games, they announced the game would be localized without any silly “cultural cuts.” Instead of releasing the game on the same day as a long-awaited sequel in a popular franchise, they found a date where it could release in relative peace. It’s almost like they replaced the entire Yakuza team at Sega USA with smart people, and started to show the series some respect. Then, they released the demo…

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Passthemic2700d ago

Man, just what the doctor ordered, more Yakuza :)

ChrisGTR12699d ago

has anyone beat yakuya 3? the game just started dragging for me when you go back to the orphanage and i didnt finish it.

kurochi2699d ago

wait.... what??? I guess the game isn't for everyone, but I can tell you that I enjoyed it and finished it. But I use the term "finished" in the most sparing way as there is just too much packed into Y3. All I can say is for you to give it another try later.

Krugsy2699d ago

I've finished the storyline twice now, I just love it. Saying that, it ain't for everyone as the story can be veeery melodramatic (in the usual Japanese way). And just as Kurochi said, there is so much in this game that you can spend hours playing around without even touching the storyline. But I really can't wait to get my mitts on this one...time to crush some faces :)

anasurimbor2699d ago

Can't wait to stomp faces. I love this series.