Pre-order Gears of War 3 with Bonus

Microsoft is kicking off tonight’s X11 Press Conference with press events that help trickle out brand new announcements and news that have already hit several websites. By far, Microsoft’s biggest blockbuster for 2011 is Gears of War 3, and the announcements have been more than meaty as of late. Fortunately, Gamestop has added an appreciative bonus for those waiting for a reason to press “Add to Cart.”

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tinogarza2770d ago

What with Gamestop being the Juggernaut they are it's suprising to see them actually give a bonus for something they already know that will fly off the shelves. They could give them away for free and still not move any more copies than they will be selling next September.

Myst2770d ago

Like cochise313 stated Amazon is giving a 20 dollar gift. So this would be Gamestop's way of getting people to pre-order from them rather than Best Buy or Amazon. Yet this does not seem like much of a pre-order type of thing if one has to buy another game.

cochise3132770d ago

Amazon is giving 20 dollar gift cards with pre orders. Now that's a sweet deal.

Anon19742770d ago

Like I need incentive to buy Gears of War 3. In my opinion it's been hands down the best series the 360 has to offer. Can't wait for the next title.

cochise3132770d ago

lol of course you don't need one and neither do I, but you have to admit it's a damn good deal.