'Mass Effect' Sneak Peek - New Gameplay Video

Commander Shepard and his crew have just landed in the middle of a hot zone, where they must decide whether to save an alien race from a dangerous plague, in this scene from the Xbox 360 game.

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beavis4play4092d ago

i like the idea behind this game. but, that was 4 minutes of nothing but talking. i hope the pace of the game doesn't suffer due to this focus on conversation.

ShiftyLookingCow4092d ago

if you didnt like KOTOR, you wont like this. Its an RPG first, so it is certainly going to be much more slow placed than traditional shooters.

beavis4play4092d ago

agreed,and i'm not attacking the game. i think this new conversation mechanic seems like a good idea, but i thought that having to micromanage every conversation could get tedious and lead to the game playing "slow". i hope not, as i'm jazzed about the story.

socomnick4092d ago

Man all those choices man Ima love this game. Im going to make my squad all human and kill that krogan right away cant stand that hunchback it has.

jiggyjay4092d ago

November will be here soon enough..

Danny Dan4092d ago

I have a budget to buy just one more game be it on the 360 or the PS3 ... and I am seriously considering this one. Unbelievable graphics and ever since I beat FF7 like 6 months ago, I've just been hooked on RPGs.

One thing though.. I'm kinda dissapointed in the facial features of these characters. Its like sometimes they look that their just staring into la-la land or something. Besides that though... beautiful.

doomsonyman4092d ago

this looks like a great game the 360 stepped there game up this generation but its still not enough to contend with the ps3

razer4092d ago

You couldn't resist mentioning Sony in this thread could you? It started off so nice but there is always one knob to start the conversation going downhill into a PS3 vs 360 flamewar. Btw, you are correct it's not even contending with the PS3, it's crushing it.

This game will be another fantastic AAA game and definately my most wanted title this holiday.

TruthBTold4092d ago

if your not going to say something nice, dont say anything at all. This has nothing to do with PS3. Give props, game looks nice, Ill be sure to recommend to my friends who own a xbox. The way of choosing your comments and answers seem very cool. It will probably make you want to play it again to see what would have happened if you said something different.

jiggyjay4092d ago

HAHA LOL!! He made a funny.. he was trying to imply that the PS3 actually has games when it really doesn't! Great sarcasm!

the worst4092d ago

whats the game
talk 2 everybody
boring crap boring boring boring
no action
better off on the cartoon network

razer4092d ago

This is one aspect of the game. I watched another trailer that was all gameplay and the battles were action packed, also there is another one where you are driving vehicles which is cool.. This is an RPG game with action elements..

I spend a lot of time watching CGI footage in Final Fantasy as well as lots of dialogue in Oblivion.. I don't think those games are boring..

You see Xbox 360 and it doesn't matter what it is you instantly hate it.

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The story is too old to be commented.