Microsoft Store South Coast Plaza Grand Opening… March 24

X2theG, "I just got word from my contact that the Microsoft Store in the South Coast Plaza will be celebrating their grand opening on Thursday, March 24th, 2011. This is great news since I recently scored a few gift cards from the recent promotion from the Microsoft Store by recycling a few old cell phones. I hope they have some great door busters to use them on."

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Passthemic2699d ago

Awesome, waiting for Microsoft to open up a store here in NYC.

Hitman07692699d ago

Hell yeah, oh wait what do they sell there???????? I'm kind of busy right now.

Infernostew2699d ago

The same stuff you can get at any electronics store.

awiseman2699d ago

Im going to spray paint graffiti all over the place. Ima name myself "the angry xbox fan" and then demand to no where my games are. Im very pissed of at Ms btw I wish them a very terrible Awful problem.ridden grand opening. D:<

FantasyStar2699d ago

Great, Sony fanboys. Let's mass the store, wearing SonyStyle shirts! PS3 keychains are a plus. If you're daring for a trophy: toss Sony Bravia Refurb TVs through their windows and replace all the Win7 Laptops with Xperia Cell phones!


fromasterjay2699d ago

I'm an xbox fan and I'd STILL do this...HAHAHA

BrianC62342699d ago

This is a strange location for this store. Almost everything in South Coast Plaza now is ritzy stores. I doubt many shoppers there will care about this. Apple has a store in a part of the center behind South Coast Plaza. That area would have been a better idea. Probably a lot cheaper too.

SeNiLesBack2699d ago

Nothing is cheap at South Coast Plaza and actually, this is the busier side of the Mall and close to the center main area. It should get lots of traffic. Where the apple store is, they bring a lot of traffic but only to that store not that side of the mall.

The Sony Style store is right above where the Microsoft Store is opening, so if they're doing fine in the area, the MS should work out nicely for them.

BrianC62342699d ago

Now I see this store isn't really going to be in South Coast Plaza. It will be a couple stores from Apple's store. That makes a lot more sense. The real South Coast Plaza isn't a good mall for computers.