PS3 Dance Dance Revolution 50% off!! ~ The Sony Geniuses

Have you been able to find that music game that you have been wanting to get or a good game you can have fun with your friends on the PlayStation Move with? Then look no further cause boy do we have a deal for you.

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Myst2704d ago

To be completely honest from what was offered in the game as a whole it should have been that price. It felt like the most bare bones DDR I ever got. I mean yeah it's still DDR with some nice songs and all, but I miss the characters, there is no online [which I kind of understand in a way], and earlier complaint would have been dlc, but they are fixing that so suppose it's okay.

kreate2703d ago

i like pump it up better.

for some reason. the 5 block step is more comfortable than the 4 block step the DDR has.

256bit2703d ago

i like the older DDR games, from the older i mean the JP ones. since the 2nd part was just DDR here in US. but they did have that crapp DDR-USA lol and yes that was the name of the machine. i dont like the newer DDR games i hate that one step were you just keep you foot on.

B1663r2703d ago

Meh, the world has moved onto Kinect dance games, stomping on buttons games are finished.

CernaML2703d ago

Yeahhh.... those motion games will never require true skill and extreme precision.

CernaML2703d ago

The worst DDR game ever developed. Konami USA can never do ANYTHING right.

I hope Japan gets a real DDR released for consoles. DDR X2.