DICE 2011 - Playstation Move Heroes Gameplay Video

gamrTV's Chris M. Arnone gets moving with some gameplay of Playstation Move Heroes from the DICE Summit 2011 Game Room.

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swirldude2703d ago

Good to see the old PS2 heroes aren't being neglected.

BakedGoods2703d ago

Sorry but I've tried to demo--it's lame.

With Kinect and crap like this, casuals are taking over!!

zootang2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Stop lumping kinect with Move they are completely different. Move works and has hardcore games including this.

2703d ago
Torillian2703d ago

Actually wasn't interested in this at all until I saw a story trailer that made it seem pretty interesting and not just tossing these guys together haphazardly.

callahan092703d ago

I dunno. I saw that trailer too. It got me VERY excited for this game. Trust me, curb your excitement. After playing each level in the demo, I must say I am absolutely turned off to this game. It was horrible. It's the very definition of unpolished.

The controls are unresponsive, at best. The responsiveness isn't even the issue, though. There was no attempt whatsoever at making it one-to-one, it's just a bunch of leftover Wii waggle reject schlock. There was some really awful voice acting, too, and every attempt at humor fell lamely flat. What happened to the personalities of these characters, and for god's sake what happened to the voice actors? In addition to the sloppy and unresponsive controls, the game feels unpolished because the menus are clunky and the enemies keep repeating the same horribly-acted line over and over and over at you.

Ugh. I could go on and on.

I was actually offended at what I played because I was so looking forward to this. You've got some of the greatest characters in PlayStation history and a phenomenally responsive and comfortable motion controller and over a year of development time and you put it all together and get... what... a bunch of crappy, unpolished mini-games with none of the charm of the franchises it derives from and horrible controls.

gamingisnotacrime2703d ago

wow maybe i went too far

i played the demo. Instead of a reward it was like punishment

bmw692703d ago

Looks epic - day one for me! These are the kind of games Move needs

gamingisnotacrime2703d ago

played the demo
it is preeety lame

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