Sony's NGP 'A True Game-Changer,' says Epic Games

Epic Games announced today that Unreal Engine 3 will support the Next Generation Portable from Sony, with developers able to license the engine tech for the platform now. This does not come as a surprise, as Epic was on hand with a tech demo at the PlayStation Meeting 2011 reveal of the portable. Tim Sweeney of Epic Games presented an outdoor environment reminiscent of the company’s recent Infinity Blade title for iOS.

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donniebaseball2735d ago

Epic's shown that they can kick ass on portable formats. Look at Infinity Blade on iPhone. Their stuff for NGP should be great.

xc7x2735d ago

NGP is more powerful than any portable,so it better handle the game engine if it was ported to iOS duh

slavish32735d ago

waiting for iphone5 or next android to be announced and be more powerful and have a 3D feature. This is the last gen for handhelds mobile will absorb it

kerrak2735d ago

Hint 1: ipod classic is still selling well after so many years in the market. Why? It's the better music device out there (160 GB HD in your pocket).
Hint 2: photo cameras aren't on the verge of extintion. Why? Convenient compact and more importantly Reflex cameras are the best ones if you plan on making really good photos.
Hint 3: NGP isn't pocket friendly. It's a device with a specific design for gaming.

All-in-one phones are good for most people, and undoubtely they eat other markets, but can't compete with best cameras/gaming devices.

So no, they won't be absorbed soon.

sashimi2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

lol if iphon5 has better specs then NGP it'll cost like 600+dollars, this is Apple we're talking about.
MAXIMUM PROFIT since people will by it cause it has the apple logo on it.

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DaThreats2735d ago

NGP having Gears with online multiplayer support will definetly have me buying one.

flyingmunky2735d ago

That would be awesome. You have to wonder too, did MS only contract it so that Gears couldn't be on the ps3? Is it still open so that other Sony platforms could have it? Makes me wonder. Gears being on the NGP as a launch title would be Epic (pun).

Denethor_II2735d ago

I hope there's a Gears title simply for the people who enjoy this mindless type of game, but personally wouldn't go near that shit.

Gish2735d ago

Are they going to give it a different name? Or is NGP final?

Xbox360PS3AndPC2735d ago

I Believe NGP Is A Codename Like Kinect & They Will Change It

a_bro2735d ago

they are going to give it a new name by E3.

a_bro2734d ago

i dont think they are going to call it PSP2.

Sony looks like they want a fresh start with this portable. calling it PSP2 would probably remind people of the PSP and thinking how much of a "failure" it is, when we know it wasn't a failure for how much it sold in the market.

TheLastGuardian2734d ago

PSP3 is coming out after PS4. It's just a Sony tradition to add a number to the name of the succesor.

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The story is too old to be commented.