4 Game Features all games should have by 2012

Jeremiah Hisel Of Goozernation Discusses four of the most needed features to be implemented in all games by 2012.

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RyanDJ2763d ago

The auto save, I can live without. Not that bad in my opinion to have to save. In some games, it adds to the story. Like the tension in Res Evil, or talking to particular people who break the fourth wall in a Metal Gear game.

As for some of the others, I think they need to be Console adds, not game adds. Like the PSP when you play a PSOne classic, you can put any button on any location on the controller. If that was a system doable thing, then we wouldn't have to clarify it per game. Same goes with auto-calibration.

jha12232762d ago

See, I get wrapped up in a game sometimes(good). So wrapped up that I forget to manually save (bad). I agree that should be fixed.

I don't disagree that the other adds should be console driven, but since the console isn't doing it, put the feature in the game.

Pause on controller disconnect ... good god yes. Just simply, yes.

Someone on the site mentioned pausing during cutscenes. I can't agree more. Sometimes you need to pee right now. Sometimes the phones rings. And sometimes a person in the room won't keep their damn mouth shut for 30 seconds. Hell, just make them easily accessible (without exiting the game) and replayable for that matter.