Patapon 3 Hits April 12th for $19.99 on UMD and PSN

US PlayStation Blog - Chris Hinojosa-Miranda // Producer writes:

"Starting today, we can begin the long-awaited countdown to Patapon 3’s launch on April 12!! It’s been a little over a year since the Patapons forces, led by the masked Hero Patapon engaged in an all-out blitz offensive against the Karmen forces. Many an eye was lost, but the brave mono-ocular warriors pushed through courageously… until they reached the most evil demon warrior this side of Patapolis. So what happened after that intense, life-changing battle at the end of Patapon 2?"

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awiseman2616d ago

pata pata pata pooon! that thing is still stuck in my head.

TheLastGuardian2616d ago

The review imbargo will probably lift a week or two before this game hits. If I'm pleased with the reviews I read on Patapon 3, I may pre order. I'll be getting the UMD version.

Jezuz2616d ago

lol reviews? just play the demo

TheLastGuardian2616d ago

I played the demo. I want to read reviews so I can figure out if It's worth a purchase if I've already bought and beaten Patapon 1 and bought Patapon 2 but never finished it. With all the other games coming out this year, I'm not sure yet if I want to spend $20 on another Patapon game.

dragonyght2616d ago

it lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
seriously about time

LightofDarkness2616d ago

Damn it, when will they release it for ps3?

TheLastGuardian2616d ago

The Patapon art style would look awesome with PS3 graphics.

KonohagakureFC2616d ago

A ps3 patapon wouldnt be bad, would make a nice psn game

B_Rian892616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I never finished the first one. It got really hard toward the end
Im going to look up some patapon videos on Youtube to listen to the songs!

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