G4TV: Big Announcement Delayed

Apparently, G4 is delaying the supposed "big" announcement due to legal issues. However, they assure that it has nothing to do with G4 broadcasting in 720p as well as anything to do with Halo 3. They still assure that the surprise will be worth the wait.

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Umbrella Corp4068d ago

Just saw it.But seriosly it cant be that big it would have to be a Napoleon Dynamite sequel.I miss Tech Tv "sigh"

ddldave4067d ago

the big announcement that was delayed was "G4TV is sadly announcing for the 360 owners that Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy 13 will not go on the 360 and will remain PS3 exclusive. Now may we stop the rumor circulation and accept the fact that it's only on the Sony PS3. Goodbye" - Adam Sessler & Morgan Webb

xplosneer4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

in this case...
BTW I would approve this if I wasn't a trainee.

AznSniper4068d ago

I say it is either the Nintendo "September" announcement that Reggie said a while back or the rumored Sony price cut and new model reveal that CVG reported could be revealed this week.

xplosneer4068d ago

Why, of everything, would G4 announce it, as apposed to Sony, or Nintendo. It's wouldn't just be G4's biggest news....

doncorleone74068d ago

I think the surprise in September was the metroid channel

CaptainMeatwad4068d ago

that would just be f***ing AWESOME

Jinxstar4067d ago

Man With my Wii, 360 and PS3... I would have to make more space to fit it somewhere...

Torch4068d ago

that they intend to air a show that encompasses technology and video games???

...Bah, who am I kidding?...doing so would only put a crimp in their "Star Trek 2.0/Cheaters/Cops/Ninja Warriors" style.

More likely, they're making all this fuss because they're excited to have scored syndicated rights to "Birth Stories" or "What Not to Wear." ;)