Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta Interview

'We catch up with Rod Fergusson of Epic Games to get the latest on the Gears of War 3 beta.'

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KingDustero2731d ago

Looking good. Hopefully they'll finally release a game that is almost bug free. Gears is a good franchise that deserves to have a good MP. Neither of the past two games have been that great. Gears 2 even to this day has MAJOR host advantage and lag issues. Hopefully Epic actually uses real dedicated servers so that the playing field is even and all that matters is skill, not luck.

I myself won't be getting Gears 3 though. My Gold expires the fourteenth of September and I see no point in paying $60 just to play the MP in Gears. I'm hoping it'll be great. 360 fans deserve to have a TPS with great MP. Plus I'll have Resistance 3 then and Uncharted 3 is right around the corner. I myself enjoy Uncharted MUCH more than Gears and thus will be sticking with it myself.