Gears of War 3 Beta Update and Much More Just Announced

Major Nelson: At the Xbox press event today in San Francisco we announced details about the upcoming Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta, as well as additional news for Xbox 360, Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and PC gamers.

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awiseman2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Dissapointing...srsly, gears only? Where is Kingdoms? They didnt even announce any new IP's FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL

F A I L!

If you ask me if im mad then Il answer YES IM MAD

And dont tell me to buy ps3 because im not.
im not trollin btw im a dissapointed fan is all.

edit: all not bad: they annonced a cookie monster game and some new gay wp7 games! AWSOME

In case you have not noticed I am very D:<

edit 2: yea i I was srsly was hoping for a Halo remake also.
Sorry i cant reply to anyone im a lowly 1 bubber.
PLZZ BUBBLES FOR THE POOR I was robbed of my bubbles by ravenouse ps3 fanboys (no im not kidding)

eidt again: Did I mention im mad?

Convas2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Same here dude. I was expecting a bit more. At least the Gears 3 news + Halo CE Remake announcement.

I'd like to say "Hey, let's just calm down and wait till E3, I'm sure they'll blow us away!"

But I did that last year, and look what happened.

Once bitten, twice shy MS.

Needless to say, I'm getting a PS3, so even if MS decides to keep messing around with us, I'll have Sly, Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, inFamous etc.

anthraxCZ2768d ago

agreed, what the fuck is this supposed to mean? fuck you major nelson and whole microsoft

malandra2768d ago

So what does the Bulletstorm Epic Edition get you with the Gears of War 3 beta? An extra week or so before it is open to everyone?

kancerkid2768d ago

I am probably wrong, but wasn't their conference supposed to last 2 days? Maybe there will be more announcements tomorrow?

zootang2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

There is plenty of games on other platforms. This has been Microsoft now for the last 18 months and why I sold my 360 that and paying to play online.

Mystogan2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Guys lets just get mad after GDC ok? its monday wait until then, and if they don't announce anything new then we will protest.

BTW i don't want HALO REMAKE, WTF is wrong with you guys? it would be just like reach...only different story's

Edit: and the good news keeps on coming, I just realized i only have 1 bubble :(

BakedGoods2767d ago

...on Major Nelson's own site. The 360 fanboys are REVOLTING!

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doa7662768d ago

that "much more" on the title reminds me of that Simpsons episode with the sci-fi conference where they announced that they will feature "Mark Hammil, Alf and many more"

malandra2768d ago

so Dishwasher, Fable Coin Golf and Once Upon a Monster? all Kinect?


doG_beLIEfs2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

The way I see it you have 2 choices

A. Buy a PS3...core games galore with quality in graphics, sound, size, NEW IP's and existing IP's that cannot be found anywhere plenty of casual stuff and it has Move which is perfect for core games or casual games.

B. Quit crying about it...MS does not NEED you anymore...they have soccoermoms to think are NOTHING to them.

BTW...if you have seen me on here a would know that as soon as MS announced the camera...I told you this would happen...but guys went on about how this was going to revolutionize core games.

I told you so...but you no laugh at you...I fart in your general go away...or I shall taunt YEW a seconde time.

PS...are you glad that Sony did not go belly up like so many of you 360 supporters WANTED to happen in 2007?

Man o sure feels good to be the TORTOISE and not the HARE.

Chris3992768d ago

should not be surprised. They (MS) take market trends and capitalize on them. The company is great at buying and supporting trends, not so good when it comes to innovation. Heck, the entire company was founded upon patents Bill G. bought when people were too stupid to see their future worth.

It's a company of opportunists and financial visionaries, not artists. And never, not once, have they shown themselves to be consumer friendly. Anti-trust lawsuits, RROD fiasco - "Things break, ya know" - translation: buy another one, stupid.

In MS' mind, they're still pumping out all the requisite annual/ bi-annual shooters (Gears, CoD) and multiplats, so that IS their servicing of the core gamer. I expect this E3 to be even worse than the last for that demographic. No free 360s or new models this year to appease the anger.

I gave up on MS when they threw JRPGs by the wayside (and I turned to them when Sony had none in 2006/07). Last JRPG exclusive was in 2009 and they LOST Kingdom Under Fire 2 and have nothing else on the horizon, while Sony's machine keeps getting JRPG after JRPG. Hence, why I spend most of my gaming hours on the PS3 these days. That's what gamers should do, FOLLOW THE GAMES. So if you don't like what they're lining up for you, just play somewhere else. Period. Only thing that they understand is money, so taking yours elsewhere is a statement that will ring loud and clear.

kancerkid2768d ago


There are still multiplats. The only Xbox exclusive I have on my shelf is Crackdown, which I bought for 10 dollars.

I am not buying a new console (PS3) just to play Ni No Kuni, which is the only game I am currently interested in on PS3, but I am saving money to build a gaming PC, though I don't think many JRPGs come out on that platform.


In other news, a major corporation makes decisions that help them make money.

I think if the Xbox brand starts failing, then MS will pump more money into exclusive franchises (if that is the reason they fail). Otherwise, there is not too much wrong with their business model now.

Chris3992768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I specifically mentioned multis in my post. My point is that MS assume that the current exclusive-dry lineup will be sufficient for the average 360 owner. And in fact it will. I'm not contending this, so there's no need to refute anything I've said ;) It's the diehard 360 fans, ones who have been there since the original Xbox, who are getting the middle finger here. The CoD crowd don't care, most have never even played Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect or any of the great exclusives that defined the brand this gen.

I never said that anything was wrong with their business model. It's working fine at the expense of a small consumer sacrifice.

Btw: There's a lot more JRPGs out and in the pipeline for the PS3 (aside from Ni No) than for any other home console, and a substantial portion of them are exclusive. If you like the genre, you're depriving yourself by not having a PS3 in 2011 and beyond.

kancerkid2767d ago

I am pissed as all hell that Kingdom Under Fire 2 was lost on the Xbox though. That is BS. Hopefully I will have a PC for that though.

I had the original XBOX from day 1, and I think the only exclusives I had were Halo:CE and Splinter Cell 1 and 3.

If I was a big JRPG fan like you, I am sure I would have at least a PS3 now, if not both consoles. But since I am not reliant on any one genre for my gaming pleasure, it does not bother me in the least I only have an Xbox, for now. Not saying I would not love some of the PS3 exclusives, but I do not need them with all the multiplats that exist. That may just be me though.

Anon19742767d ago

It's sad but many said it would happen, and then it did. The danger with Kinect has always been that Microsoft would shift their attention onto Kinect and Kinect only in an attempt to cash in on that casual money that Nintendo has been milking for the past 4 years. And it looks like 360's owners fears have come true.

I'm stoked for Gears 3, but I really think that may be the only title I buy for my 360 this entire year (oh, and I plan to pick up Alan Wake for cheap at some point).

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DevilishSix2768d ago

That's the big announcements Mr Greenburg & Nelson were hyping about. Seriously why even have an event with annoucements like that, it's a waste of time and money. Also, the gaming media is also to blame cause an event, actually a NON-Event like this doesn't even deserve media coverage......An absolute FN WASTE.

Lekumkee2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Lol read the comments on the site from their loyal fanbase. When you piss off your audience like that, those are signs of rough times. CoD DLC and Halo map packs just ain't gonna cut it(and only 3 maps at that...lmao and how much you wanna bet it'll be $10).

catguykyou2768d ago

Apparently you are new to this. It's the GDC: Game Developers Conference. The only reason Gears is even mentioned is because Epic is the largest middle ware Game engine seller this gen. It's a conference for game developers to see the new hardware, tech being used, and share ideas. It's not a show to show off new games. That's what E3 is for.

NYC_Gamer2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

MS,hyped up this event like crazy with small what do you expect?

the good major said this...

"Next week I'm going to
down in San Francisco. We are having an invite-only press event that we're going to have some cool news that I'm not quite fully briefed on, but we have a lot of news that we're going to be announcing. Just telling you guys, you're going to be really happy when you hear all the news, that's all I can say."

"Yes we have a big core games event planned for Feb 24th"

now how happy are the core 360 gamers after this event?

DevilishSix2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I beg to differ. MS representatives cough Nelson cough Greenburgh cough were marketing the MS portion of this conference would make fans happy and they were speaking to the core.

So what did they announce? Halo Map Pack....that's already advertised all over the XBL dashboard. A Gears 3 Beta we already knew about that from Bulletstorm.

360 fans are ticked, if you don't think so, go read MR. Nelson's blog comments, it's an eye opener if I was MS.

Yet in a couple weeks PS3 will get it's 3rd exclusive in Motorstorm this year and there is not a 360 exclusive on the horizon until September and yet you (Catguykyou) want to defend such a flaccid set of announcements, then all the power to ya.

Chris3992768d ago

"3rd exclusive". I know you meant AAA, but I recently grabbed Trinity: SoZO, and Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Ar Tonelico 3 is out in 2 weeks. That's 3 more full exclusives just off the top of my head. Expect even more exclusive JRPGs this year too.

catguykyou2768d ago

OK OK, you guys are acting like I'm all over this defending MS. I'm not. The state of their line-up is not good this year. I was just trying to point out that if you were expecting ground breaking announcements about the lineup this year from GDC, you obviously haven't been following events like this for long.

E3 is a little more than two months away. That's where all the big announcements are made. For every game company. Not just a MS thing.

MS fans should be upset. I hope that they have some things planned to announce at E3.

I'm sorry that everyone got really excited about the "major hyping" MS did through....two peoples tweets. That's right guys. Now, major promotions are pushed, 148 char. at a time.

Still though. The reaction from the fans is a good thing. Hopefully give some perspective to MS.

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malandra2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

they keep saying that Child of Eden is exclusive and it has a PS3 version that will release at the same time

that's what I call desperation

Lekumkee2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Lauuuuugh!!! check out the damage control Major Nelson replied to all the unimpressed responses they got.

"Hey all, I'll share this feedback. Many of you may have been expecting a few of these news items, but this was our moment to confirm and or provide details around them.

We'll have more news later this year at E3 and beyond. "

I thought today was the day that will make all Xbox 360 fans happy? Now it's wait again till E3?! Lulz!!!

Theonik2768d ago

If by announced they mean things we already knew about and lame stuff then yes by all means it was full of exciting announcements!
Seriously though 360 this year is a joke as far as exclusives go. Nothing till Gears 3.

multips3fan2768d ago

lmao if they dont show anything new worth playing ips .im going to sell my black elite 360 to my friend and buy some ps3 exclusives and multiplatform games.gears 3 and halo reach and black ops are not going to keep me entertained for the next upcoming years

coojo2767d ago

keep trolling asshole.

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NYC_Gamer2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

its just ashame how far MS have turned away from core gamers

doa7662768d ago

the cookie monster

LOL and epic FAIL

Bigpappy2768d ago

I have to agree that they really hyped this conference up waaay too much. There really is nothing big here. Not even one surprise. I am not mad at them yet, but I know a lot of other 360 core gamers will be.

As for the N4G crowd who have been shouting had hoping "360 abandon the core gamers", this gives them more amo to fuel that idea. I on the other hand know that M$ can not afford to loose the core gamers, but am also aware that if they don't start thaking core games (do not need to be full exclusives), there will be some who had not intended on getting a second console that will now consider also owning a PS3. If they focus on bringing the casuals and keeping them happy, then just trow the core a bone here and there, they will find themselves in serious trouble and will end up helping Sony.

PeeWizzle2768d ago

What a terrible and vacant conference.

citan2768d ago

Dear core gamers, leave this sinking ship of Microsoft. It only does... nothing for you.


Yeah its to wrapped up in creating virtual petting zoos for 5 year olds and dancing/fitness games for the overweight trying to complete with the 75 million Wii Fits sold........good luck competing with that on your casual venture MS!

lowcarb2768d ago

Freaking MS lol. They should have just called this the Gears 3 event. I'm starting to think there going to only talk about 1 game at E3.