New Fable III PC Screenshots

21 new Fable III screenshots have been issued today by Microsoft. The monster Xbox 360 smash is due for release on PC on 20th May, 2011.

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Xfanboy2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

looks ok but I don't know if I want this!
It better not be 60,50 or $40! $30 is all for this old game..

Charmers2770d ago

Ouch releasing this at the same time as the Witcher 2. This game is going to die in every way possible on the PC. The screenshots don't even look all that "wow" either.

Motion2770d ago

Yeah, I was actually rather surprised at the un-impressiveness of the screens.

TacoTaru2770d ago

If it had been released on PC first I would have bought it but now I feel like I'd be buying an old game that got crappy reviews. It was never the game it claimed to be anyway.

FantasyStar2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Looks okay, but I'd choose Witcher 2 over Fable 3 anytime. One game is designed with the PC in mind and the other is a console port. That and Witcher is more non-linear and bad ass than Fable 3. In Witcher 1: I can have sex with a girl upstairs. After I'm done, I can go downstairs and kill her grandmother, loot the family chest, go back for round 2 and lolololo on the way out.

PandaJenkins2770d ago

I personally thought Fable 3 was great. To me it was a big improvement over 2 (With one still obviously being the best). But I will agree with others here, Witcher 2 will be the better choice in May.

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