Gears 3 multiplayer is 'best we've ever done' - Cliffy B

Gears of War 3's multiplayer mode is "the best we've ever done", claimed Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski at an event last night.

Speaking at a multiplayer beta reveal in San Francisco, the design director pointed to Gears 3's move from early this year to September 20, which he said has allowed the team to "polish the hell" out of the shooter

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plb2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

That's not saying much because Gears 2 online was horrendous. Hopefully they get it right this time.

Fireseed2698d ago

I think it says alot.
I know narrow minded console shut ins like your self might have never heard of it but a lil game called Unreal Tournament 2004, kinda ruled the PC world for years, and still kinda does.

bluegreenman2698d ago

was is the key word, the game is amazing now. Stop living in the past, plus with a beta, its hard to fail.

Ve3tro2698d ago

Well they ain't going to say its the shittest they've done are they?

Raven_Nomad2698d ago

So many people haven't even tried the Gears 2 online lately, it's completely different then what we knew when the game launched. Social play is dedicated servers and is so much fun. Gears 3 looks like it will truly be amazing, cannot wait.


played it for 2 months after buying, waited for a patch that never came, then they fix it two years later? what?

bluegreenman2698d ago

there has been 6 Title updates.

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The story is too old to be commented.