Gears Of War 3 Hands-On Multiplayer Preview (NowGamer)

With Gears Of War 3 now confirmed for 20 September, the usual hype that comes with it is ready to explode. To ensure it reaches such sufficient levels, though, we're on the verge of the first Marcus Fenix and co beta, a way to polish Gears to a point never seen before while keeping it in the public's eye. At Microsoft's X11 event, NowGamer managed to get its hands-on with Epic Games' latest online offering...

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Feckles2734d ago

Sounds good, but any news on Exile?

ChristianGamer2734d ago

Where is my super exciting news microsoft??? Gears beta and fable coming to pc and age of empire pc isn't super exciting!

NickN4G2734d ago

Is this game still 4 vs 4 online?, I always hated that. Bump it up to 8 vs 8 and I'll play. Othersise I'll just wait for Battlefield 3. Proper multiplayer.


Unless they made a specific game mode were you could get in tanks and brumarks/corpsers which would be just awesome btw you wont see beyond 5 v 5 for this title, I think even at 5v5 the game struggles to remain not to chaotic.


"Much has been made of the sawn-off shotgun and the power it potentially has to ward off Gears' horrible 'active reload, roll forward, fire shotgun, win game' mechanic."

People had a problem with other players rolling into them with a shotgun?

There was a reason that was called the "noob Roll"