Haloverkill on the advertising?

Everyone knows Microsoft went all out for advertising Halo 3...but how far? Apparently very far in Ireland where on Halo ad took up four pages! And MacGuyver himself launched the game!

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drsfinest724069d ago

im not an xbox fan but microsoft went all out with this ad campaign. i gotta give it to them. on cable,commercials,special articles on big websites, exclusive videos,billboards,news paper ads,in stores ad... and soo on. maybe if sony would get back on their grind with advertising their merchandise, then maybe..just maybe it would sell more. i do hope because im a die hard sony fan.

Laexerias4069d ago

one question to all xbox360 user (i am one but i dont know it) is the most of the 360-owner a halo-fan? dunno but.. its a lil'bit strange this game.. u are a man who never shows his face on a strange planet which looks like the planet of Zone of the Enders, this ring thingie or whatever.. and.. u got some pew-pew-lazerguns to kill aliens...
Sry but whats so great about it? I really dont know, i mean, okay the Online mode is GREAT, but the story is really lame. =/
Halo is like Warhawk a Mutliplayer only game, for me.
Uhm well yeah, im also not a fan of these galactic stuff like: star gate, Enterprise or whatever..

I really dun understand this hype..
plz no flame i more like my ps3 than my 360 or wii, but im still a 360 user and want to understand this hype. =/

cow moolester4069d ago

Halo 3 is set in Africa...sure some levels take to you to the Halo but most levels are set in Africa

Salvadore4068d ago

But Halo 2 was Overkill.