After 'Halo 3' Comes 'Mass Effect,' a Game with an Unusual Cinematic Touch

MTV News: This November, Microsoft's Xbox 360 will play host to the story-heavy, science-fiction, role-playing game "Mass Effect." The makers of that title have found a new way to back up the most-cinematic-ever claim.

In their effort to create the most cinematic title gamers have ever seen, the "Mass Effect" development studio, BioWare, has hired people who make movies out of video games - not the film directors who brought the world "Doom" and "BloodRayne" movies, but the people who actually turn games into virtual movie sets: machinima makers...

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Lord Anubis3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

if you want to know how a cinematic production is done take a look at heavenly sword. Then, take a look at mass effect and you'll notice the imperfections right away.

jiggyjay3802d ago

LOL!! How can a game thats 4 hours long be called cinematics!! Keep dreaming Sony fanboys and one these days your Waitstation will actually play games!

Lord Anubis3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

didn't you hear its 35 nanoseconds long now, geez try to keep up! or we will kick you out of our xbox 360 fan club.

btw just so you can keep up, next week we are going to be at 10 picoseconds

then the week after 15 femtoseconds

and once we get to 1 yoctosecond the game is non existent and we move on to the next game.

WIIIS13801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

When the game ratings come out, Lord Anubis will look like a complete tool for comparing that generic game Heavenly Shaft to a revolutionary RPG that is going to be a top candidate for GOTY.

BLACKJACK VII3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Wow. This is an article about MASS EFFECT, not HS... I think you are lost. As far ar your opinion goes for a 7 hour button masher with zero replay value even comparing to a 50+ hour RPG made by BIOWARE, ...LOL, what a joke. All the pS3 tools are soooo uptight now, getting their butts kicked by little 'ol 360.

Thanks but no thanks Lord Anubis, Mass Effect will stomp all over your puny little game in sales, gameplay, & critical reviews. LOL, We'll send you & Sony a postcard from the GOTY awards. Stick to your pS3 reviews TROLL.

solidt123801d ago

Mass Effect will not be that appealing to most. Halo 3 yep, but Heavenly Sword really takes the Cake. I atill haven't beat Heavenly yet but Im close. Best Animation and acting ever on a console.

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Rhezin3801d ago

what the f!ck are you talking about, nerd!

Shaka2K63801d ago

Just like dragon blue right? LMAO.

Mass Effect looks really meh, x360 is only good for playing 6 hour fps, every real gamer knows PS3 is the console to own to have the best RPGs.
and all in one disk only.
how many disks will Mass Effect use? 10?

Dr Pepper3801d ago

No, it will use one disc and the game will last over 50 hours (including side missions).

WIIIS13801d ago

Shaka will you eat dog faeces if Mass Effect reviews average 90+? But then again I suppose you already have that on your daily diet so its not really a challenge.

Omegasyde3801d ago

I know about that man. This game has bit too much
"StarTrek" dialog.....

"I can't captain!! The Warp Drive Combustor is acting like a Shaniqwa!"
"Scottie! You Ignorant Bellfuzas hound! MY grandmorth who is a klingon
could do the commands were her Rectuma."

lol. Seriously I hope the story can explain wtf they are talking about. This game could be GOTY, but for sure is RPG of the Year.

power of Green 3801d ago

The only thing we can do is take his bubbles he won't stop spaming 360 threads with ignorant comments.

Shaka2K63801d ago

Looks like a star wars rip-off.
wheres the originality?

CG3801d ago

Heavenly sword is so original and new....... LOL you sony [email protected] really crack me up with your constant crying

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