Gears of War 3: Meet the new weapons, with strategy tips from Cliff Bleszinski

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski walks us through the new weapons in Gears of War 3, including their pros, cons, and how to use them effectively in online battles.

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Sadie21002728d ago

I can't wait to use that "One Shot" thing!

Active Reload2728d ago

I can't wait to see it in action. They're teasing is pissing me off!!!

rod_furlong2728d ago

Not sure about that shotgun...if you have to be so close, why not just chainsaw?

Active Reload2728d ago

Me personally, feel as though chainsawing is for noobs. Plus you leave yourself open for being attacked, more so than shotgunning it...

Inside_out2728d ago

NOBODY does melee like Gears and the shotgun blast in Gears 3 is no attention at 1:21, and 1:31...INCREDIBLR graphics and details...WOW!!!

Don't forget ripping a guy's arm out and beating his A$$ with in above video.

Just finished Bulletstorm...definitely worth a play through. Crazy weapons and brutal destruction in that game as well.

illegalyouth2728d ago

Sounds like Epic is taking inspiration from Warhammer 40k now with that Digger Launcher.

JamesDeRosa2728d ago

Can't wait to jump back into Horde mode with these new weapons.

SybaRat2728d ago

State of the art Bang Bang!

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