Face Time: Insomniac Games' Ted Price

Blair Herter hears from the creator of Resistance and Ratchet & Clank on the year in gaming, what it means taking Insomniac multiplatform, and more.

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cochise3132734d ago

This will be interesting to see what new ip insomniac makes. They have done an awsome job with Resistance and R&C.

NateCole2734d ago

Yeah i wish them the very best with their new MP IP. Ted is a real gentleman in the gaming industry. I have nothing but the upmost respect for Ted and I.G.

cochise3132734d ago

Oh yeah they're great, Ninja Theory could learn a thing or two from them. How to go multiplat and not be a douche about it.

badz1492734d ago

I'll always support you guys! can't wait for their next games!

thebudgetgamer2734d ago

go ted price, go insomniac.


Cajun Chicken2734d ago

No problem with Insomniac going multiplatform. Very talented studio and now it's time to expand that fan base, I look forward to what they create.

morkendo232734d ago

even though i'll buy "ALL 4 ONE" but i rather have traditional R & C but as 2 player. you can use clank and ratchet at the same time. not seperate as in "A CRACK IN TIME".

DFresh2734d ago

Well at least Insomniac is still making Playstation franchises like Resistance and Ratchet & Clank.

Still don't think many 360 gamers will support Insomniac.
(Unless they make a 1st person shooter like a Resistance style new IP for 360 it's not gonna sell very well.)

Either way I'm confident Insomniac will do great things.