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aviator1892645d ago

Sweet, will look awesome in my collection!

darthv722645d ago

so glad they didnt go with something like using the number 3 in place of the "e"


Like "DRIV3R" did.

ps3bestever2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

ugly design :|

crimsonfox2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

i think his pose is cool but the other two didnt have to be there the colors are nice though

cochise3132645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

This is going to be a serious game of the year contender. Marcus Phoenix is a serious bad ass.

Active Reload2645d ago

Either way, I've always made the assumption he is Native American...

MaxXAttaxX2644d ago

No, he's just racially ambiguous.

awiseman2645d ago

Nice and unique considering the previous packages design.

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The story is too old to be commented.