X11 Press Conference Gears of War 3 Info!

Tonight Microsoft's X11 Press Conference is taking place which in turn should release some very interesting Gears of War 3 information. It's about time we had some fresh information to get stuck into. Watch this space, should be around 15 mins until the Gears of War 3 info is out in the wild!

Information to be added to the news post as it's released!!

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DaThreats2763d ago ShowReplies(4)
gearsofwar3source2763d ago

Massive updates coming in. Constantly updating the news post!

Megaton2763d ago

Let me guess. It'll be biggerer and more badassier?

HungryGoku2763d ago

That is nice. I'm going to play Vanquish right now.

despair2763d ago

A lot of dedication in the beta to get the Gold Retro Lancer for retail, 90 matches then use it to kill 100 players. Good it means Gears fans will be the ones who get it not just every random person in the beta.

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The story is too old to be commented.