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Platform Online review Gran Turismo 5: A six year wait is a tall order for any desperate fan, pining for the next game in this series. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue served as a thirst-quencher back in 2008, but wasn’t able to answer the question of what was taking so long. The pseudo-demo’s gameplay and style seemed to be perfect precursors for the full experience everyone was waiting for. But as it was so polished and honed, fan’s expectations shot through the roof with the thought “this is only the beginning of GT5, how much more can there be?”

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Sean Ryno2697d ago

He thought it was great but not that great.

The end.

sickbird2697d ago

Yea im waiting for it to drop to 20-30 bucks before i buy it.

NBT912697d ago

Best review ever "It is okay"

level 3602697d ago

You can also say this game is an "on-going process and progress", so the surprises will keep on coming.


Lirky2697d ago

gamer journalist cant really give a 100% accurate review of gt5 since new features are coming thru patches and stuff like free-dlc-addons. The game is complete its just new features galore.

plumber152697d ago

you know a game has a lot of content when journalist take a few months to put out a review

Lirky2697d ago

Yeah, i wish more games had more content so that if they give legitimate reviews on a game itll help gamers for once, since i've always trusted reader reviews over gaming journalist, since gamers buy the games journalist get them free to review then they probably have the options to send the game back or keep it.