No SSFIV AE DLC for console says Ono

Mike V writes: "In what is to sure upset Western players of the game, producer Yoshinori Ono in this week's Weekly Famitsu has said there are no plans to bring AE content to home consoles."

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Baka-akaB2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Someone didnt get the memo .

Ono already said he often enjoy trolling .

The dlc or a disc is coming . A few trophies for it were already leaked , and they most likely didt relock Oni akuma and evil Ryu just for arcade balance .

It wont be obviously in the middle of MVC3's craze and while making money from the arcade , so probably not before the summer

kornbeaner2766d ago

I think it will probably be announced right around the time of Mortal Kombat's launch. That would keep a few people waiting for DLC instead of switching over to MK.

armycore2766d ago

Have to agree, he does like the trollin'.

TheBlackSmoke2766d ago

It will 100% come to console, its just about giving Arcade operators time to make their money back. Plus its all about spacing out the releases, It would be silly to put it out during Marvel 3 hype.

Knushwood Butt2766d ago

The truth.

This is Capcom: if they think they can sell a few copies by milking something, they will.

Expect to see it as a budget version just how Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition is currently available in Japan (and maybe elsewhere).

This is precisely why I haven't bothered to buy SSFIV yet. I'm in no rush. Just give me the complete, final version at a low price.

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MWH2766d ago

this is not acceptable but let's wait and see, i too think they will release them eventually.

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