Hacked off with PS3 hacks: Buying console does not give 'unrestricted ownership', argues Braben

Boss of UK Kinectimals and Elite studio Frontier, David Braben, has hit out at PS3's hacking community - arguing that a purchase of a console does not bring "unrestricted ownership".

Braben admitted that he is "really annoyed" with hackers who claim they can do what they wish with hardware they have purchased.

The development veteran called on fellow studios to help Sony strategise against those who are keen to jailbreak the console, warning that "tomorrow, it will affect all of us".

"Buying a PlayStation 3... does not give me unrestricted ownership of it," argued Braben. "If I 'dig' into it, I can't just sell or even give away all the information I find."

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Godmars2902700d ago

Yet strangely enough, this is coming from a Kinect supporter, a system which is only receiving positive PR due to being hacked.

Eamon2699d ago

Irony, no?


No matter how they disguise their agendas with "holier than thou" rhetoric, it's the same greedy motives for money and more money.

klado2699d ago

Don't even gonna waste my time arguing your full of flaw analogies in this whole thread simple to support this bllsht you entitle as freedom on a field that really doesn't need such to function accordingly, aye?

Hope all the studio back sony to simply destroy hackers and piracy once and for all on consoles...

Quote this.

"Doesn't matter how many difference there is for hacker and pirates, they simply lead to each other."

radphil2699d ago


Speaking of disguising aren't doing a very good job on yours.

user8586212699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

kinect hack was to show off cool innovative things the kinect can do

ps3 hack is for piracy

a_squirrel2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

The difference being that they hack it for the pc so they can use Kinect on the pc; Not to pirate games like in the ps3's case.

RimRimmer2700d ago

I paid £429 for mine, If the mood takes me I will take a big massive dump on it if want, You get me David Braben, friggin judas.

Nineball21122700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

If you can't distinguish the difference between you, as you so eloquently put it, "take[ing] a big massive dump on it" and releasing Sony proprietary code on the internet for hackers/pirates/modders...

well, let's just say you're about as smart as your avatar looks.

Dart892700d ago

Man don't pay attention to him he just trolls in every ps3 article.

Eamon2699d ago

The whole point he is making is that what he does with his product is up to him and not up to the seller.

The seller shouldn't be the ones who decide if what you're doing is permissible or not.

Sony have the right to make patches etc to safeguard the ps3 but they have no right to tell you what to do with it.

Nineball21122699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

I think there are 2 seperate issues here.

1. You bought the HARDWARE. You may do what you want with it... example, add another USB slot or switch out the HD
2. You are using/licensing the SOFTWARE that resides on the hardware. You MAY NOT do what you want with the software as you did not buy it. You do not own the code that resides on the console.

There really is a huge difference between buying something and licensing something.

AhnnQuirajj2699d ago

Sony could make it easier to create games on their devices, at least for the homebrew, indie developer, crowds.

I hear its quite easy to develop for the 360 using XNA, I think, so why can't Sony do something like that for the rest of us, or have I got it completely wrong? :3

Instinct_Gamer2699d ago

geohot didnt take a dump on his ps3- he broke the security and distributed the codes to crack the security of a system, that when he bought and subsequently used, he agreed to Sony's terms and conditions which prohibit his actions in accordance with the software agreement.

I guess some of you'll just hit yes, yes, yes through those agreements and dont read the manual.

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BlackTar1872699d ago

Emon is a T**l he is just a troll with no rea good points and terribad analogies. Why are you guys acting like he will respond lol. He prob knows he doesn't make sense but is to stubborn to switch his stance.

If anyone get a intelligent response from them i would personally reward them some Irish internet mojo

InTheLab2699d ago

The difference is, you're the only one that has to deal with that mess.

Developers and Gamers have spoken. Hackers are not wanted....and yes, I am aware or the "good" hackers that hacked Kinect and they would be dealt with if MS did want them hacking Kinect.

Raven_Nomad2699d ago

Another car analogy, is it wrong to upgrade your cars engine? No, it's not. What about P.C. analogy, is it wrong to upgrade that? I mean everyone I know runs roms or the like off their P.C's but you don't hear P.C. companies crying foul.

When you buy something, especially an electronic device you can pretty much do what you want with it, which is my opinion anyway. Smash it, upgrade it, flash it ect....

AssassinHD2699d ago

There are laws that regulate what you can and cannot do to your car.

Raven_Nomad2699d ago

Bottom line is, you can upgrade, I don't have any stock parts on my cars engine.

I paid money for my PS3, which by the way I did feel a little angry when they took Linux off of the console, mainly because it was one of the only features I used, so damn right I now am able to enjoy roms on my PS3, at least I get some use out of it now.

Also, the Wii and Xbox 360 have had "hacker" issues for years now, with Home brew and the like, how come there isn't such an uproar on those?

Microsoft even allows hacking with Kinect, so I mean it's obvious, you buy it, you own it.

BlackKnight2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

There are laws for what you can do to your car IF you want to drive on public roads.

Keep your PS3 vanilla if you want to be on PSN.

But you should be free to do what you want with your PS3, including modify the OS and installing new browsers and so on (not stealing games), just stay off of Sony's PSN.

Instinct_Gamer2699d ago

okay BlackKnight we get it and we get it- but you need to get that geohot didn't keep his illegal car in his property, he drove in all over the world and he got caught.
You better shape up your thinking cause your gonna end up in prison with an attitude like yours.
you definitely arent gonna end up being a creative, original, productive, person.
You little Geohot fanboys need to go back to computers and leave my gaming consoles out of your gayness.

sjaakiejj2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Upgrading, yes, but that's not what Jailbreaking the Playstation 3 is.

The code was gained through reverse engineering, and anyone who's worked with software and copyright issues before can tell you that reverse engineering, as well as releasing the results thereof, is illegal unless you got consent of the copyright holder, which in this case is Sony.

As for the cars, there are certain laws that state to which extend you are allowed to modify it. On top, modifying a car does not lead to piracy. It's a different issue, and a very poor analogy.

Regarding the Wii and Xbox, those are hardware modifications - no reverse engineering involved, nor does it involve copyright code. Chipping a console is, strictly speaking, considered upgrading it.

showtimefolks2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

PS: geohot is wrong no doubt about it. jail breaking a ps3 than making bunch of videos on youtube giving out names of whoever helped jailbreak the ps3 will not help

and he can say all he want his jailbreak does not allow for piracy fact is people used his codes to jailbreak than made their own custom software to almost do anything on ps3

and playing online i mean do we really want cheaters everywhere

whoever supports jailbreaking a gaming system whether that is pc/xbox360/wii/ds or ps3

devs work hard to make a game they deserve all the sales if the game is good

alan wake pirated over a million times think about hat if half of those people would have bought the game it would have been a success


there are laws on what you can upgrade in your car plus you buying a ps3 means you can jailbreak it to play everything for free yet everyone else buys it

how is that fair geohot needs to spend a few nights in new orleans jail to really understand how wrong he is