IGN: SOCOM 4 - Friends Helping Friends

A focus on story, PlayStation Move controls and 32-person multiplayer -- you know all about this because you've been reading IGN. However, there's a SOCOM 4 story that hasn't been told. It's about the will to survive, the need to rely on teammates, and how badass you feel when you fire an RPG into a bunch of baddies while your friends watch.

This is SOCOM 4 co-op.

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MidnytRain2702d ago

I think it would be cool to have an option to turn on a survival mode in co-op. If a player dies, he's dead (or has a limited number of revives), so his team has to keep moving. Deceased players would have the option to watch the rest of the match or join a new one. I think that'd be pretty intense not knowing who will make it. Again, this would be optional, like searching for a hardcore match.

chasegarcia2702d ago

after I read what they said, I am now kinda worried about it. Sounds like Casual Socom.

Bits-N-Kibbles2702d ago

As long at the 5 guys are your friends or willing not to run out and fuck everything up, then it's fun. If you're the guy always trying to get to your guys to revive them, it sucks, especially on hard difficulty. Not to mention team killers that think it's funny to join a squad and then kill everyone about 20 seconds into the game.

But SOCOM:CA was pretty fun and I can see what IGN is talking about.

BUT! I don't think this can save the game from the hardcore SOCOM fans unless they support "classic" mode and add in more game types (especially demolition). I am for new maps, layouts, graphics, guns, and game modes ("standard"). But don't try to fix what isn't broken Zipper (the way all SOCOM's have been since the first).

gypsygib2702d ago

I'm very excited for this game.