Witcher 2 Screenshots

CD Projekt has released a bunch of in-game screenshots, courtesy of Gamersyde, from their upcoming game, Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

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Bullshido2767d ago

More than 30+ screenshots

Julie2767d ago

Ty a lot for to share and Wow it looks stunning :O

ATiElite2766d ago

is it May 17th yet? I have to admit that this game looks AWESOME! This will do OH SO nicely even after SKyrim comes out. Although I should have it beat by then.

bozebo2766d ago

CD Projekt need to release some 1920x1200 ones without jpeg compression tbh - caus thats what it will look like on screen.

Apollyn2766d ago

*Dribbles* oh Geralt soon we will be reunited once more!