Fable 3: The Battle for Albion Guide

A walkthrough for “Fable 3: The Battle for Albion" quest for the Xbox 360 console. This guide covers the best spell and combination for the quest, as well as where to find any treasure during the course of "The Battle for Albion" as the player fights to finally claim the crown. Also included is helpful information for Xbox Live Achievements that can be obtained during this mission. This guide contains minor spoilers, due the nature of the quest and its place in the game storyline. This guide makes confronting Logan and ascending to the throne a walk in Bowerstone park.

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Muckbeast2699d ago

Thank you for this guide!

KeithWorth2694d ago

Ironically, since that is one of the easiest quests in Fable III, that quest is the only one I ever got lost in. It's hard to follow a path through flaming wreckage. I was only stuck for about a minute, but that's a minute more than any other area delayed me.