HP Mscape gaming handheld revealed

Today in New York City, HP revealed "for the first time outside of the lab" a concept handheld for the company's Mediascape (or "Mscape") gaming software. The handheld has been sighted before, though - specifically in an HP commercial shown earlier this year at a technology summit.

As seen in the video, the concept with Mscape is that the handheld's screen acts kind of like a lens through which the real world is rendered just like a video game. For example, holding it up to a part of the street may reveal a virtual crater where the ground should be. It's not actually rendering the environment in real time; Mscape cues up the proper graphics when prompted by sensors on the device, including GPS.

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Umbrella Corp4011d ago

If this is true I will crap my pants I wonder what my butt looks like in a video game......

Luck_y_Penny4011d ago

this is so This thing will make people go like robots. You will see them walking and holding this stuff in their hands and go crazy. This is a very interesting piece of technology but personally i will stick with my psp slim and lite.=)

reaferfore204011d ago

"OH SCHITT! The princess is on the other side of that busy intersection!!!!"

iheartSONY4011d ago

I stick to my Gizmodo. Im kidding I'll stick to my PSP & DS Lite.

BlackIceJoe4011d ago

This really looks nice and all but I wonder how many people will really want to go around and see what they can make for a game over just playing a game in there house instead. I will say this is a nice idea and I bet sounds great on paper but at the end of the day you can't help but wonder how it will really work and how well sales will be. I do wish it look because the idea really looks to be a breath of fresh air.

Darkiewonder4011d ago

when you get hit by a car.

xionpunk4011d ago

lol yeah, for the whole half of the video i watched (before i lost interest) i was thinkin, "NOOOOOOOO! you have to look both ways before you cross the street!" anyways...

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The story is too old to be commented.