Stacking DLC in development

“We had confirmation today that DLC for Stacking is in development! Look out for more details on this soon.”

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NukaCola2733d ago

Cool. I enjoyed it very much. Since I got it for free through PS+, I have no probs paying for some more Staction.

GLoRyKnoT2732d ago

PS+ FTW! i will get this 4-sho :)

despair2732d ago

very nice, looking forward to this.

Kakihara2732d ago

I hope this includes some real brain teaser puzzles. This game had a beautiful art style and setting but every single one of the puzzles seemed to consist of walking around until you see a doll with the ability you need then stacking into it, nothing more. I'd like to see some real mind benders with multiple dolls and multiple parts.

Brash_Attack2732d ago

I'm going to hope it would be free again for PS+. The game was enjoyable for the most part but nothing I would have paid for. I don't see myself paying for any DLC. But I would for sure play it if it were free.

lodossrage2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

thus far (excluding brutal legend since I never played it) seems to be they lack the replay factor. I played both Costume Quest and Stacking. Beat both pretty fast. They were nice games don't get me wrong. But they're kind of expensive for what you're actually getting. I can't speak for xbl but on psn they lost $14.99.

My opinion, if he keeps making these short games they need to be dropped to 9.99 at least.

And to be honest, although stacking was a decent game, I would have been mad if I had actually shelled out 14.99 for it. Thank goodness for psn plus