GamePro: The 5 Biggest Disappointments at TGS

So it's been a week since the Tokyo Game Show mania, and GamePro have finally shrugged off their jet lag and picked out their favorite games. But in that week, the GamePro editors also did their fair share of bellyaching about what could've been at TGS 2007.

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Jdash244068d ago

my moments were home delay, no mgs4 demo, and rumble wont come this year

secret4068d ago

People become outraged when injustice is blatant. Hardly anyone would be upset with what's truly fair. Fairness.

There is an outrage at the unfairness shown clearly from gaming "journalist professionals" and / or Companies who are desparately trying to unfairly and indecently preserve the life of the xbox360 through smoke & mirrors, fog, and other deceptions.

It won't be tolerated forever by everyone, and people will start to behave as that disgruntled Wii owner when they wake up and the deception comes to light. It might be painful on egoes of those who might've hastily rushed out to buy an xbox360 or a Wii because EGM and Gamepro and other gaming journalists told them to.

Afterwards, people don't feel good when they find out they've been had, and some will probably continue to try to defend themselves and their egos from getting bruised as a result. A handful will correct their mistakes and get back on track.

I am greatly disappointed at Gamepro & EGM and all other journalists because of what they've done this generation. (unethical).

Both EGM and Gamepro told you to buy a Wii. You mention crap games? Did you know that, about two months ago, Gamepro awarded the Wii in the games department? Do your research, and you'll see that Gamepro told you that the Wii gets a B grade for its games while the PS3 gets a C grade instead. How do you feel about Gamepro now? How about the frat boys at EGM?

It's very sad when the referees of the game have already pre-determined which team they want to see win and will go at tremendous lengths (even sacrificing integrity) to make sure that that team wins by making suspect calls on the field. Fans are booing and throwing bottles.

Hopefully, may the fastest runner win and win on merit rather than the alternative of frat boy journalists / referees having a go at one system in particular in order to ensure the success of their preferred systems that they secretly know is truly inferior.

I am actually pro Wii for what appears to be a gaming "revolution" in gaming themes - more PG and Disney type games rather than the horror and violent movies seen on the xbox360.

The PS3 is a perfect balance.

Nth RooCH4068d ago

You said

"Did you know that, about two months ago...Gamepro told you that the Wii gets a B grade for its games while the PS3 gets a C grade instead."

Ummm... and? Two months ago, the PS3 had a giant bag of absolutely f*** all, and today it's barely any better. Warhawk and Heavenly sword do not, a varied games catalogue make. Even now the PS3 would barely muster greater than a C for anyone who isn't being f***ed with the fanboy stick (count you out). The Wii however had it's opening line up produce several innovative titles, not restricted to home title Wiisports.

If you genuinely think that Motorstorm, Resistance, Heavenly sword and Warhawk equal more than a C grade, you need your head checked kid. And I'm only putting motorstorm in there to appease you, because it certainly isn't a killer app in anyones unbaised mind.

snoop_dizzle4068d ago

secret just copies and pastes stuff. Thats all I've seen from him. And boy golly hes always spot on isn't he? :p

SJL4804068d ago

neither introduced the usb powered humping receptacle for the fanboys. This was a major blow... or rather lack of a major blow ;)

happygamer4068d ago

how come nin never shows up at tgs?

LeonSKennedy4Life4068d ago

Nine Inch Nails... or Nintendo???

Because...I think I'd rather have Nine Inch Nails. I love that guy/band/watever you want to call it.

LeonSKennedy4Life4068d ago

Home delay...

That's about it.

I can live without rumble...


Bnet3434068d ago

that's telling me you are a socially inept person with no friends.

Lex Luthor4068d ago

Could not of said it better myself.

tharealest4068d ago

sony better be keeping their "cards close to their chests"
and have a killer lineup ready cuz as insane as mgs4, killzone 2 and (most likely) little big planet are gonna be, it would definitely be much better for the jax and daxters, sly coopers, god of wars to be (hopefully) announced.. and (off topic) but "bully scholarship edition for wii and 360" ? wtf.. sony shouldve tried keeping that series exclusive, a sequel on ps3 would have been a killer ap for sure

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